Celebrating the magic number birthday

Some random Robservations on Gabby’s big day.

¿Cómo fresco es para resolver Dora y Diego?

Now this is what ya call fortuitous timing. On the third anniversary of Gabrielle’s big coming out party, Dora and Diego were in town! The two – with Boots! – were at Tweetsie Railroad. Come one, vienen todos!

Dora is to Gabby what Farve is to Madden – completely, totally, unselfishly in love. I have no idea when they first met or how they were introduced, but since roughly age 1 Gabby’s room became home to a Dora chair, Dora couch, Dora stickers, Dora dolls, Dora books, Dora movies, Dora clothes and, of course, Dora pajamas. I’m shocked she doesn’t yet twang like the Dog WEEEEE-spurr-er.

Tweetsie had public appearances with the double D’s at the top of most every hour Saturday and Sunday afternoon. We had a party at the house Saturday at noonish, then headed West! (Actually, more like south directionally). We missed the cousins Saturday, but – after a close-to 20 minute wait – got up close and personal Sunday afternoon. And yes, Gabby loved it.

As expected, Tweetsie folk were ALL business when it came to meeting the Ds. Stand. Pose. Snap. Next. Stand. Pose. Snap. Next. You’d get more face time with the President, I’m sure. Then again, he doesn’t have a pet monkey.

Hugs are what friends are for
As you may have guessed, Gabby’s boyfriend Carter escorted her to the theme park. They held hands most of the time, and rode most of the rides together. Unfortunately, Carter doesn’t do Ferris Wheels. Gabby had never been on one. Which led to, of course …

No way we’re related
I rode the big wheel with Gabrielle. Here is what fellow riders overheard:

ME: (with death grip on bar) I do not like this. Daddy is not liking this.

GABBY: (laughing) I like it! This is fun! I like it!

(Yes, I am an admitted wuss when it comes to rides which go faster than I drive. I blame the emotional scarring from a Space Mountain trip when I was four-ish).

That was Saturday. Sunday Gabby went on the big wheel with her Sissy (The Teen) and Teen’s Friend. This time she would have none of it. They were one of the first loaded on and by the third revolution of disembarkments the operator stopped to let her off. I blame the company.

Tee-pee sweetie
I think it’s a local law that if you’re under the age of 9 and with a parent, you HAVE to get your picture taken here. After this was snapped, they spent the next two minutes chasing each other in one big circle. Would that be a tee-pee hee-hee?

No, Diego is not in his Fab Five … yet
Yes, Big G had fun at the train track too. He got to feed some deer (from his hand!), crawl and bounce in an airwalk and star intently out the window of the train itself while cowboys and Indians acted out battles behind him. (He has no interest in off-Broadway theater).

At one point Gabby, Carter and mom headed off to ride the Tweetsie Twister. Big G and I relaxed in the shade. And by relax I mean he squirmed, whined and fussed until I let him have my cell phone. He didn’t use all my minutes, but now I can’t get Michael Jackson to stop texting my phone. (I know, that was wrong and creepy. Sue me.)

Meanwhile, back on the Twister
Yet another ride Gabby loved. Yet Carter pulled a Rob. When the ride ended and the trio went to leave, Gabby yelled, “Again! I want to ride again!” Carter would have none of it. (I feel for ya bro, but even I’ll ride that).

My wife knows how to make a serious cake
See that frosting-encased sugar rush right there, behind the mugging birthday girl? That’s the princess castle cake created by my wife. I’m not sure what is more impressive, that:

– It’s her first such cake
– She did it within three hours prior to the party
– Everyone thought she bought it
– Did I mention it was her first such cake?

As an aside, she went on a cake mold buying frenzy when she got those pieces (ebay rocks). During that splurge she purchased some football molds just for tailgate season. How cool is that?

More birthday weekend photos are here at my picasa gallery. Enjoy!


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