I don’t know what made her think she could beat Mike Tyson

One week ago today Gabby completed her first official face plant.

She was running along the sidewalk at her baby sitter’s house when BAM!! One of her feet stuttered. She didn’t even get a hand up to buffer the impact.

Face, concrete. Concrete, face. Now THAT’S a boo-boo.

Of course much wailing ensued. Jamie Lee Curtis couldn’t manage louder shrieks.

When I picked her up a few hours later, her left eye was scabbed, puffy and raw. She would let me kiss it, but only so, so gently. I kidded her that she looked like she had been in a fight. That inspired her to run (no lesson learned there) to her room. She returned wearing some “boxing gloves” (aka mittens) and ready to fight. So OF COURSE I had to grab the camera.

I told her to make her “mean face” and put up her dukes. George Foreman would be proud, though I suspect he’d want the gloves to match.

Fun postscript – We had a birthday party for Big G the next day, Saturday. During the rush to get thing ready, Gabby disappeared. When we found her to leave, she had got into some of momma’s makeup. She had grabbed some lipstick and smeared it ALLLLL over her mouth and ALLLLL over her eyebrows and ALLLLL down one cheek. We could not get it off.

So Gabby went to her baby brother’s party looking like she’d been cast in a Lifetime movie. That, or Harley Quinn to Heath Ledger’s Batman. And no, I didn’t get a photo. Would YOU want this young Rocky mad at you?


One thought on “I don’t know what made her think she could beat Mike Tyson

  1. Thats SCARY!!! Sweet Lil Gabby… she must have gotten this side of her from her momma because you definetly dont have this gene in you …as scary as it is …i think its really funny!!! watch out carter , he doesnt want to make this one mad!!!

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