Big G turns the Big 1

One year ago today, Big G made his Big Entrance. Or exit, as it were. I’m sure you remember all the details.

As the cliche goes, the past 365 days and approximately 1,675 diaper changes went by fast. Just yesterday it seems he was waking up hungry, screaming when unhappy and trying to crawl around like mad. Actually, that WAS yesterday. (Walk, darn you. WALK!)

Actually, I *have* been able to avoid comparing Big G to the Original G (OG?). Both lil ones are different yet much the same. Both are perpetually happy. Both love to play. And both learned quickly to sleep in their own rooms through the night. (Can I get an amen?!)

Both siblings remain completely enthralled with one another. Gabby is more than happy to play with Big G out in the yard, in her room or in the tub. She does tend to get a *little* too rough at times, but I’m sure she’s preparing him for an All-American NCAA wrestling career one day. (He will eventually learn to flip out of any pin).

When Gabby turned one I admit I got just a tad sappy. It’s a first father prerogative. Thinking back through Gavin’s maiden anniversary, I much less cheesed and much more pleased.

Gabby helped me to better understand my path in this great big ‘ol world. All my decisions led to her. Gavin has taught me just how blessed I am, and how blessed I continue to be. Even during the nights he wailed like a broken fire engine and refused to go easily back into that good night, I would rock him and think about how fortunate I was to have such a inconsiderate pain in my night life. So many others do not.

So most days when I come home from work, my first duty is to seek these two out. We’ll spend all the time to dinner playing in Gavin’s room – wrestling, tossing balls, reading books or just laying around being lazy. It’s the highlight of my day, and I thank the Lord for it.

Happy birthday, Big G. You my man!

By the way, we had a small family birthday party for him last Sunday. Hot dogs and train cake. Yum! As you can see, he fits right in with the fam … I … LEE!

From a family early birthday party Sunday.


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