The fastball is fine, but the spiral needs some work

Big G’s favorite pasttime is anything – ANYTHING – to do with a bahwlllll. I’m not sure when or how he picked up this particular obsession (seriously, I’m clueless), but this is one of his first words in life and most mornings.

We have two games we play.

1 – I sit him across from me, crosslegged, and play catch with a miniature, black football (GoArmy! on the side, courtesy of the Kickoff Kid goody bag). I’ll ‘throw’ the ball to him, aiming for his lap. When it drops there, it counts as a ‘catch’ and he claps madly. He then picks it up and, with the strength of Brady and accuracy of Harrington, lets it fly back my way (most of the time, he’s been known to throw backward). The game usually lasts four of five throws before he wants to play ‘tackle’ and crawls my way as if he’s a Lynch.

2 – Our bedroom is a step below the kitchen floor. Gavin will sit in the doorway with a small plastic basketball (complete with a smiley face), and I’ll sit below on the bedroom floor. He’ll throw the ball into the room. I’ll retrieve it. Then toss it back, aiming again for his lap. If I miss and it rolls behind him, he’s quick to turn and shuffle crawl after it, only to bring it back and resume the game. He will do this as long as I will, unless, of course, it’s dinner time. (Food always comes first).

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