Big G prepares for the Big 1

Everything you need to know about future calendar pinup Big G.

How do you spend an average day?
I wake up around 6:30ish, sometimes earlier, depending on how much sleep my dad didn’t get that night. I then eat and drink and play. Poop some. Nap. Eat and play some more. Poop more. Another nap. I top the day off with more eating and playing, then turn in around 7. I’ve been told life can’t get any better.

Any major influences in your life?
I really dig my dad. I get so excited when I see him that no one can hold me. I spend a lot of time with mom. Not as much as I did a few months ago, but we’re still pretty inseperable. And I just couldn’t get through a day without Gabby. She keeps me smiling and crying, mostly smiling, but there is some crying.

What’s your favorite type of music?
Anything high pitched with flashing lights that’s not disco! There is a difference. I’m really partial to farm songs. That Old McDonald must have quite a spread.

Favorite foods?
Anything by Beech Nut usually fills me up. Gerber is good too. I really dig crackers, though. And crayons. Oh, the many tastes of Crayola! I find them in Gabby’s room, but mom is always taking them away. Oh, and ice cream. I could eat that all day!

Any turn ons you’d like to share?
Bottles. Anything on a spoon. Dogs. Swings. Playing ball. I love playing ball.

Turn offs?
Being rocked when I don’t want to be rocked. Having Gabby pick me up by my head. Diaper rashes. You know, the usual.

Any goals before the big “0-1”?
I’d like to be walking by then. I’ve been pushing laundry baskets around the house, but something about going unaided really scares me. Pulling myself up on the coffee table is getting pretty old, though. Almost as old as my dad’s constant reminder that (high pitched voice) “Gabby was walking when she was 10 months.” No pressure, huh?

But you do have talents, don’t you?
Oh yeah! I can give five, rip magazines to shreads, play peek-o-boo, dance a bit (dad calls it “bobbing”) and I can throw a ball. Not straight. Not very far. Sometimes its more a flip. But I can throw a ball. Plus I can crawl faster than mom can lose her patience. Trust me, that’s fast!

Cool! Thanks for your time. Any words of wisdom you’d like to share?
“Bawwwll.” “Dohg.” “Da-da.” “Bye-bye.” “Uh-oh.” That’s all. I’m a man of few words.


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