Time to see the cows again

The Popcorn fam is lucky enough to live down the road from a massive cow pasture. About 15 to 20 smelly hamburgers roam the field. Last summer, it became a habit of mine to take Gabby in a wagon up the hill To See The Cows.

Once it got cold, the trip went into hibernation. Yesterday, it returned, only this time with Big G. All three of us went To See The Cows.

wagon west

When we got up the hill (about a 15-20 minute walk), the cows were all by the roadside against their barbed barrier. They ma-OOOOED! as we arrived. I sat Gavin down in the grass as Gabby ma-OOOOED! back. It’s always great to see old friends!

A minute after we arrived, a man drove up in a pickup. He pulled into the grass beside us. In his truck were several beige burlap sacks. The cows headed his way.

The man got out his truck, said hello, grabbed a bag and opened it. He then walked along the fence dumping out the contents – bread, buns and chocolate doughnuts. He made five piles, and the cows attacked them all.

“Look,” I told Gabby. “He’s feeding the cows dinner. Look what the cows are eating. They’re eating doughnuts!”

Gabby responded. “Cows don’t eat doughnuts. Cows eat HAY!”

I think even the man with the pickup laughed at that.

I tried to get a photo of the G’s with the cows behind them, but Gabby kept looking away. So I finally settled for this shot.


As soon as I hit the “take” button on my phone, I heard to my left a wet bovine bowel blast. A cow was making room. I turned to see Gabby pointing at the cow and making a face.

lookin at poopy cow

“OOoooooooo,” I said to Gabby. “That cow just went potty!”

Gabby appeared to be slightly in shock. “Nasty,” was all she said.

The stranger with the pickup just stood and smiled at all this. He said goodbye and went to go back in his truck.

“Bye,” said Gabby, turning toward him. “Thanks for feeding the cows!”

“You’re welcome,” he said, still laughing.

Gonna be a fun spring.


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