Go to sleep … Go to sleep .. PLEASE GO TO SLEEP

Waking up

Here’s the drill.

Big G gets whiny around 6:50ish. By 7:00, if not attended too, he becomes a police siren with failing batteries. WAAAaaaaaaa. (deep breath). WAAAaaaaaaa.

One 12-ounce bottle and some rockin later, he’s usually out by 7:40, 8 tops.

Then comes the hard party. Gabby.

She will not go gently into that goodnight. Nap. No nap. Early dinner. Late snack. Long bath. Short bath. Rocking chair. Laying with her in her bed. TV on. TV off. Book. No Book. Doesn’t matter.

She. Will. Not. Go. To. Sleep.

It’s getting worse. Here’s her schedule this week:

Monday – She was up at 7, had a two hour nap at 1, and was up until 10:30.

Tuesday – She was up at 7ish. Wife allowed her no nap. I took her to town with me that evening, and she nodded off for about 20 minutes from 6ish to 6:30ish. Up until 11:15ish.

Wednesday – She was up at 8. Wife allowed no nap. At about 5ish on the way to town (see a pattern?), she conked out for about 30 minutes. At 7:30 she acted sleepy. Yet was up until 10:30.

This isn’t just the time change. It’s been a growing menace for some time. I’m seriously thinking of investing in tranquilizer darts, but I’m scared I’ll waste them on the Teen instead.

LOST is on tonight, so I may have to take really drastic measures. I may have to read her this. (Always works for me)

One thought on “Go to sleep … Go to sleep .. PLEASE GO TO SLEEP

  1. I feel your pain. Unfortunately, naps (when she took them) are a thing of the past with Abigael. Our challenge these days is getting her to stay in her room all night. I count myself lucky if I can wake up in the morning and there are no kids in my bed!

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