How cool is this cool quarterback

I’ve told this story to a couple friends, who since insist I repeat it for their friends. Seeing as it appears to be popular, I’ll share it with you.

A couple of weeks ago Gabby’s boyfriend had a birthday party. He’s a big ASU football fan (like son, like father), and his dad invited some ASU players to the shindig. Four showed up for pizza – CoCo Hillary, Leonard Love, Robert Welton and Jerome Touchstone. The party took place at the Holmes Center prior to a basketball game.

Future Mountaineer with two current great ones
Big G with Leonard Love and Jerome Touchstone

After the pizza and presents, the players went their own way and the birthday party group camped out beside the pep band (Birthday boy looooovvvves the pep band). Lo and behold, sometime during the game Armanti “Superman” Edwards came our way and joined the party. This was akin to Tim Tebow showing up at a Florida basketball game, or Tyler Hansbrough at a UNC football game, and just hanging with some toddlers.

Yes, Gabby got his autograph
Kids love Armanti

Armanti sat with us for most of the game, signing autographs, posing for photos and playing catch with the birthday boy. For a kid turning four, what better way to celebrate then being Hans Batichon to Armanti’s short bombs (they were tossing a stress basketball).

How cool
Simulated game situation

Sometime during the late game maddness (ASU lost at the buzzer), Armanti disappeared as quietly as he arrived. The birthday boy’s parents couldn’t have been prouder. Any ASU football fan would be.

Now here’s the cool part of the story.

The next day at church I was talking to a youngster about the game. I asked if he went. The fifth-grader missed it. Needling him, I said too bad. Armanti sat with us at the game. You could have met him!

His reply, “I see Armanti all the time. My mom drops me off at the campus library after school every day to do my homework. Armanti is always in there, reading to kids. I see him all the time.”

Thought No. 1 – We cheer the coolest quarterback evah!

Thought No. 2 – I wonder if I can get the ASU cheerleaders to Gabby’s birthday party in June?


2 thoughts on “How cool is this cool quarterback

  1. You know I think this is the first time I’ve seen Armanti smile. Even when he does something fantastic on the field, he seems to keep that same focused look. (Well there was that one time he did a flip). Cute pictures.

  2. UGh! Jealous! ***** Congrats! How cool that he reads to kids. I never would have got that impression from his interviews. We DO have the coolest QB ever.

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