There’s a new super hero in town

Sunday Night at the Popcorn residence. I’m at the dining room table feeding Big G some creamed green beans (Yum!). Gabby is busy coloring in her room with markers. Suddenly a cry is heard!

Gabby: I’m SPIDER-MAN!!!

Me: What’s that sweetie?

Gabby: (Still unseen in her room) I’m SPIDER-MAN!!

ME: I wanna see Spider-Man. Come here.

Gabby: (Runs into the dining room area, not a stitch of cotton on but smeared with inks. She jumps at me and shouts) I’M SPIDER-MAN!!!!

ME: (Laughing) Wow …. Look mom! Spider-Man! And she’s got the right colors and everything. Red and blue markers. Good job.

Wife: Don’t worry. Those are non-toxic, washable markers.

Gabby: (Runs madly around the living room shouting) I’m SPIDER-MAN!!!

(One hour later Gabby takes a bath. We find that said markers are not, in fact, washable. More like fadeable, but not washable)

Well wiggle my webs and call me shakey


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