Songs you aren’t supposed to sing

I like me some PhilLife with a teenager (13 going on 20!) is 80% irritation, 15% aggravation and 5% amusing observation. Count this as among the slim fun moments.

The Teen was on the computer roaming around YouTube, seeking videos for songs she likes. I stepped into the room with some clean laundry to put away. I heard Phil Collins playing. He was singing one of my favorite songs, so I started to sing along (horribly offkey, of course).

Well I remember, I remember don’t worry
How could I ever forget, its the first time, the last time we ever met

The Teen snapped at me. “HOW do YOU know this song!”

I grinned. “It’s Phil Collins. In the Air Tonight. Awesome song.”

In The Air Tonight then vanished in The Air That Night. I have yet to hear it since.

Nothing makes a cool song uncool faster than a grownup knowing it.


One thought on “Songs you aren’t supposed to sing

  1. amen! it’s hilarious when they realize that cool ‘new’ song isn’t so new. it would be nice if this made them think WE were cool, alas, it only makes the song uncool. yet another sucky part of parenting…

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