All about some Yosef


On our way back from the Duck Pond Saturday, Gabby and I came across the fourth member of ZZ Top, Yosef! (aka. SS’s dream man).

What follows is – almost verbatim – Gabby’s reaction:

Yosef! Yosef! Hey Yosef! I got Yosef on my shirt! See! I see you at the football games Yosef! Hey Yosef! I got Yosef sticker on my cheek, Yosef! Yosef! Come and see me, Yosef! I got on a Yosef shirt, Yosef! Yoooseffff!

And she said it all in one breath. One.

Surprised or frightened (I’m not sure which), Yosef and his cheerful minder stopped to say hello. Now 19 times out of 20, Gabby will yell hello, then refuse to look anyone in the eye. But this wasn’t any ordinary person. This was Yosef! With little prompting, she quickly agreed to having Mr. Cheerleader hold her up so she could get a photo with Yosef.


Then she gave him five!!!!!

*SNAP* (Framed prints, here we come!)
Talk to the hand, Yosef
What a difference a year makes. She used to freeze up when Mr. Man came within five feet (outside five feet she LOVED him). Now every day she says “I wanna go to the football game” and “I want to go see Yosef.”

Sound frightening? Sound a bit obsessive? If so, well … it’s much worse. Two examples:

– Gabby has a collection of Appalachian t-shirts. And she knows they’re Appalachian shirts. Or, as she refers to them, “Yosef shirts.” For the past four nights when I went to help her put on her pajamas, she has adamantly refused her once-beloved Dora PJs. Those just won’t do. “I want to wear Yosef shirt! Yosef shirt!” So, she wears a Yosef shirt to bed.

– At the home opener, a friend slapped a Yosef logo face decal on Gabby’s right cheek. There it remained all week. (Yes, we did wash her cheek each night. Just no rough scrubbing). Everyday she proudly showed off her Yosef sticker. To family. To teachers. To passerby at Wal-Mart. Everybody. After Saturday’s game, we decided eight days of stickin’ was enough. We washed it off.

She. Was. Not. Happy.

Now once a day she suddenly rubs her cheek and asks where her Yosef sticker is. Every. Day.

I may have created a monster.

Cheering can be tiring

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