When at an App game, expect the unexpected

What a grin …So here we are tailgating before the big Appalachian State home opener Saturday. The tailgating crew was pulling down the tents and packing away the leftovers when a WXII TV van pulled up on the curb. I was sitting in a chair feeding Big G a bottle as the news hounds came sniffing my way. They were looking for a story, and time was short.

It was five minutes before kickoff. Traffic from Winston must have been manic. What other excuse could there be? Before I could say “Cold off the presses!” a microphone was pointed my way with a camera staring after it. I played my role – Go ASU! – with a gentle dig at the school in Winston-Salem scared to play Appalachian in football.
Gabby! Turn around! Look at the camera, sweetie!
After speaking with me, the camera guy nabbed some footage of Gabby and her friend Carter playing with a football. They also interviewed our man Blue, and a sadsack Lenoir-Ryhne fan nearby.

All that said, it made for GRIPPING television, let me tell you. (Yes, you have to suffer through a commercial before the fun starts.)

My only complaint – no Big G. If that camera had just dipped an inch lower, he’d have had his big television debut. I guess he’ll just have to wait until 2026, when he’s scheduled to make his first career start at linebacker for ASU. Here’s hoping it’s at the Big House!


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