Now that, Michigan, is how you eat a cupcake

I’m pretty sure his hands are leather magnets
Corey Lynch (47) works to break up a pass intended for Lenoir-Rhyne’s Devan Pointer (85). (AP photo)

As expected, the giant-killer Appalachian State had no problem Saturday with the gnats of Lenoir-Rhyne.

Game recap here. Box score here. Photos here.


– Armanti Edwards didn’t start. He’s still too banged up from Michigan. He is expected to play against Northern Arizona Saturday.

– Trey Elder started at QB, and did the best Donovan McNabb impression we’ve seen in awhile. He was a force both running (team-high 90 yards on 11 runs, TD) and throwing (9-of-13 for 210 yards, 4 TDs). He played barely three quarters and accounted for 300 of ASU’s 410 yards.

– Dexter Jackson (2 catches, 2 TDs, 77 yards) still cannot be stopped.

– The Mountaineers remain allergic to shutouts. As is their habit, the door to the goalpost barn was left wide open as time expired.

– Lenoir-Ryhne was overmatched, no more so than in the kicking game. At least two punts were straight up and back down.

– ASU played second- and third- stringers throughout the second half. It was only then that the game appeared evenly matched. Not sure that’s a good thing.

– A record crowd 28,804 was reported. it looked it too. Odd thought that, by game time, any effort to actually verify all fans had tickets were abandoned. The horde just walked in, unscanned.

– Ambulances stayed busy. On at least seven occasions medical personnel with stretchers rushed underneath the west side stands. They reappeared often with students in a neckbrace of hooked to an IV. KBS is not made for 28,000.

– The only bad news of the night, Michigan lost. Bad.


2 thoughts on “Now that, Michigan, is how you eat a cupcake

  1. It may have been record crowds but only for the first 10 minutes. The students seemed to be deserting about that time. We actually stayed for the whole game.

  2. I could tell there was record crowds. My friends and I had to sit in the dirt on the hill behind the East Side. We were holding onto branches so we would be able to stay there without sliding back down the hill. I could only take about 20 minutes of that before I had to keep walking on..


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