Needed, nay begged- Your used SI

All diapers will be embedded with a Furman logo in the back
Come on and help a Mountaineer out

WANTED: Your current issue of Sports Illustrated!

WHEN: Whenever you’re done with it. It’s all good.

HOW: Drop me a line. We’ll work it out.

WHY: Glad you asked:

No. 1 – With the ongoing renovation of our house slowly (hopefully) soon to be complete, my boy Big G will have his own room. I’m gonna App it up, smother it in so much black and gold it would make a Catamount’s eyes vomit. An SI border would set it off just right.

No. 2 – Boone is teeny tiny, smaller than Chris Berman’s modesty and about as developed. I can count on one hand the number of local outlets that stock SI. This week’s issue is the Jessica Alba of Mountaineer football fantasies. Everyone wants a piece, but there’s a limited supply of Valtrex available. (Yes that was was totally uncalled for and completely horrid of me, but so was her contribution to Fantastic Four)

No. 3 – In this day of global warming, deforestation and upcoming environmental disaster, you would be contributing to a truly novel recycling program! For every issue you send my way, your local landfill will be saved yet another 8-year decomposition project as gruesome and ugly as what’s currently ongoing in South Bend.

No. 4 – Because of me, you know this shirt exists. Ohio State fans order now!

No. 5 – If you don’t, you’ll make Big G cry. Could you live with that?

My big boy

4 thoughts on “Needed, nay begged- Your used SI

  1. Great, great post. Where else can you “get” Jessica Alba, a depth charge unloaded on both Chris Berman AND Notre Dame…and an adorable baby picture? That being said, I’m holding on to my copy of SI celebrating the victory of the millenium. Congrats to App State!

  2. In the pic, looks like you just played David and Steve’s last 26 seconds of their ASU/Michigan broadcast for Big G. It puts a big smile on my face every time I hear it.

  3. Oh my goodness Big G is PRECIOUS!! What a little cutie! And it’s nice to see a future Mountaineer so young! Love the room decor, definitely going to have to have to copy you once I pop out a young’n.

    If all of my SI sources from out of town pull through, I may end up with an extra or two. I’ll let you know!

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