Robservations on The Day After Apps take down Michigan

This would be so sweet

Forget the pony
Dear Santa, All I want for Christmas this year is the above delivered to my mailbox. Do it, and I promise I won’t ask for anything else. If that’s too much to ask, how about a nice t-shirt?

I wear medium

Gone in 90 seconds
Appalachian’s first possession since December 15, 2006 went 74 yards in three plays, caped by a stunning 68-yard pass to a “sweet Dexter Coakley how did I get this open!” Dexter Jackson. And it lasted 90 seconds.



Paris Hilton isn’t that easy (though she does have considerably more rust). In the time it took the lil’ National Champion That Could to prove that It Would, you could watch three Mastercard commercials back-to-back-to-back. (I like that sound of that, back-to-back-to-back).

He had the power
One of my first half highlights – spotting a player on the Michigan sideline named Zoltan Mesko. My buddy Japs elbows me asking, “Didn’t he used to fight He-Man?”

This is getting to be a habit
It’s hard to keep a good goal post up at Kidd Brewer. While shocked soccer players looked on, App students tore those poor things down again yesterday before Julian Rauch ever had a chance to split ’em. (Remember how the last home game ended?)

They were also ripped down after the Furman playoff win in 2005, and after a regular season whooping of Georgia Southern in 2004 (or was it 2003?) when the Eagle bus was “accidentally” banged up a bit.

I have fond memories of the posts coming down way back in 1992 …. only it was to celebrate the Atlanta Braves going to the World Series (I kid you not). My have times have changed.

Throughout the second half, the Big Ten Network became obsessed with showing overheated Michigan players on the sidelines getting faces full of fan. On each occasion my buddy japs would loudly exclaim –

Ahhhh! The sweet, sweet mist of Division I-AA

The healing power of pussy
Michigan blog mgoblog went dark minutes after the game. A graphic blamed “technical difficulties.” The blog woke up today and, well, see for yourself.

I’m actually shocked Oscar hasn’t shown up.

Poetry in motion
Happiness is – witnessing five giant screen tvs and a dozen smaller screens all carrying the same crawl across the bottom, repeating on an endless loop. “BREAKING NEWS – APPALACHIAN STATE DEFEATS MICHIGAN 34-32.”

Don’t get cocky, kid
My buddy J called today. His first words – “You know what’s gonna happen now, dontcha. Lenoir-Rhyne’s gonna bite us in the butt. Just you watch.”

Sorry, don’t see it happening. Michigan is a known, proven chocker. The last times App chocked, it learned a lesson. Never again.

The pain .. THE PAIN!

Ain’t that the truth
The perfect summation for yesterday’s big win can be summed up in a snide blog post published seven months ago. Behold the prognosticating power of The Feed

At Least They Waited Until Gerald Ford Died To Do This

‘Nuff said.


3 thoughts on “Robservations on The Day After Apps take down Michigan

  1. You rule Rob. And by the way, your post on 8/31/07 was hands down the best thing I’ve ever read, just edging out this post a tiny, tiny bit. 🙂

  2. Yay! I still have to remind myself that this REALLY happened. I want one of those t-shirts. Maybe Santa will bring me one, along with a 3rd championship trophy?

    I thought Zultan was the name of the alien leader in “Dude, Where’s My Car”?

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