Beach report – Gabby laughs in Neptune’s face

I love this photo

I finally found some time to put some beach photos online. And by time, I mean precious seconds of life not spent either working, minding a child, or doing household chores. I knew a new child would bring extra demands, but I had no idea just how extra.

Some kernels from the beach:

– It was love at first splash for Gabby. Within an hour of arriving at our accommodations we were on the sands. Gabby made a beeline (crabline?) for the water and seemed determined never to leave. By the time we left, she would stand in hip deep water, take a wave full force in the face, shake her head and laugh. LAUGH, I said. Then would hit another. SPLASH! HAHAHAH … that the best you got Poseidon!?

– Gavin didn’t go anywhere near the water. He slept … a lot. I feared at first his exposure to bikini-clad females would arouse an appetite the wife would never satisfy, but you can’t sweat what you never see. He’ll be a teen-ager soon enough, anyway.

He’s awake!

– Cousin Rock, as in “She Who Rocks,” made the trip possible. She could have been mistaken for a nanny she helped so much with the Gs. That’s her with Gabby in the photo up top.

– We went out to eat one night. It was at a sweet but expensive buffet just outside Myrtle Beach. While there, I took Gabby on a tour of the aquariums. One of them had two clown fish, which motivated Gabby to shout “Nemo!” That may have been her highlight of the week.

I loved the place we stayed, but the wife’s family thinks we were robbed. In brief, we got a bedroom, kitchen, dining area, living room with foldout couch, enclosed balcony and two bathroooms a shoft 5-minute walk from the beach. The resort had two ourdoor pools, an indoor pool with whirlpool, a beach playground, a beach pool, a pre-teen club, and a nice restaurant where adults ate free buffet for breakfast. Added to this is the resort location right across from Barefoot Landing, and it was peak season.

How much do you think a night would cost at such a resort? Come on, wild guess. Okay, now highlight with your mouse our actual cost – $149. Considering that won’t get you one night anytime at the Holiday Inn Express in Boone, I think it’s a pretty sweet deal. Or am I loopy?

– Another question – when taking two teens, a toddler, an infant and a hyperactive wife on a trek from coast to mountains, it is best to:

A – Pedal to the floor six straight hours with few stops, or
B – Break the trip up in segments so you can stretch your legs

We did option B, which went okay, I guess, but goodness it could have been better. We went two hours, stopped for two hours, went two hours, stopped for two hours, then came another two hours home. Leaving aside it was pouring rain with fog after three days of clear blue beach skies, it was tiring.

I’d type more, but my allotted free time for this week is gone. I hope to have some Harry Potter thoughts later. Plus there’s this football season thing coming up. Can’t wait for August 18.

Twins, right?


3 thoughts on “Beach report – Gabby laughs in Neptune’s face

  1. Sounds like you got a good deal! I’m still trying to figure out where everyone slept, but I’m sure it worked. After spending 3 nights in a king-sized bed with my hubby and his brother at the beach, I understand a lack of sleeping area!
    I won’t make in on the 18th- that’s Daniel’s big 30th birthday bash. But we’ll be there for the tailgate in Michigan!

  2. The wife and I had the spare bedroom, in which Gabby slept in a pack-and-play crib and Gavin slept in a small portable bed. (My grandmother gave that bed to us calling it a “car bed.” Back in the day, those were legal)

    The teens had the foldout in the living room area. It sounds like a sardine can, but it was actually quite roomy. For just $40 bucks more we could have got a two-bedroom suite, but the one-bedroom was plenty.

    Enjoy Michigan!

  3. Hey Rob!
    Glad you all had fun. My nephews really took to the water as well. Can’t wait to get back with the twins. Wife’s due any week now. We can’t wait for football either, just not sure when. Have fun, talk at you soon!

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