Just when you thought it was affordable to go back into the water

She’d probably try to play with Jaws, thinking he was cute

A few weeks ago Gabby overheard the wife and I discussing a possible summer trip to the beach. Even though she had no idea what we were talking about, she let us know she wanted in – “I wanna go to the beach.”

“We’ll go to the beach later.”

“I wanna go to beach now!”

“Well, what’s at the beach. Gabby? Do you know what’s at the beach?”

“Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh … water at the beach!”

“Good girl! There is water at the beach! What else?”

“Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh .. no.” (Shakes head)

Seeking to fulfill her thirst for knowledge, I did what any parent would do – fire up the these thar internets (I got the idea from Little House).

I pulled up some beach webcams, including a neat one in Hawaii, then headed over to YouTube. I also did a google images search, and downloaded some nice wallpaper. (Ah! Parenting in the 2000s … Geeks rule).

Since then, spontaneously with no prompting, Gabby will demand to go to the beach. We have been putting it off, but this week we’re focused finding room and board as monetarily close to sand and surf as possible. And SHOCK of SHOCKS! Beach trips are kinda pricey! (Now I know how a Boone tourist feels).

So I beseech anyone with any influence, knowledge, experience, spare benjamins to lend a hand – can you suggest a nice budget vacation to the great Carolinas shore? We’re set for a weekday trip (e-gad the weekend rates!) anywhere from Holden to Myrtle. One infant, one todder, one teen (possible two) and two obviously deranged parents included.

Only two constraints – the hotel cannot have fleas, and tents are out of the question. (We’ve seen National Lampoon’s Vacation, thank you very much).

Anyone else heading east soon?

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