Gabby gonna get you

Ying and yang

I have mentioned often to the wife that life seems to move know at the speed of blink. In the past six weeks:

We had a baby. He has the appetite of a linebacker, and the sleeping habits of a grandparent. Overall he’s been almost as “easy” to parent as his sister was at that age. He enjoys sitting up and looking at this great big ‘ol world … then imitating a kitchen facet and forcing yet another change of shirt. He also goes through diapers like Kobayashi through a plate of hot dogs. And FYI Marie – I still have yet to get streamed.

I’ve started a new job. I now report for duty each morning at Raley Hall on the campus of ASU. I’m the I really don’t like this title webmaster for the college of business. I have a nice office on fourth floor overlooking Mellow Mushroom, and Rich Mountain is right outside my window. I also have a 22 by 14 1/2 inch computer monitor. (Life is good!). It’s also quiet. Very. Very. Quiet. Nice.

The Teen finished off the school year. But had to undergo three weeks of summer school. How the wife survived is beyond me, but the Teen seemed to handle it pretty well. There’s also the fact that she is indeed a Teen, in every facet of that definition. Pray for us.

Gabby turned 2. She’s recently discovered the ability to spontaneously scream, which she utilizes at every opportunity. We hope to have a belated birthday party this weekend. I’m not sure what she wants, but I’m hoping for ear plugs.

Our house-expansion project continues. Life can never be too complicated, so on top of new baby we are working on an almost-new house. A garage, bedroom, expanding living room and porch are soon to be ours. And by soon, I mean “sweet Tim Taylor please let it be done by winter” soon. While building continues, our front yard is home to two large mounds of dirt. I’m convinced both are visible from space, and that astronauts gaze upon it and think Dolly Parton.


3 thoughts on “Gabby gonna get you

  1. Yes, I too am highly jealous of your new job. Well, at least your new view. Altough I might would be going across the street for lunch.. every day.

    Sounds like the baby is a real gentleman!

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