Two weeks old today

Photos from Gavin’s blockbuster premiere:

All-in-one-delivery room

This is where the magic happened. All of it. Where we checked in, where Gavin popped out, and where the wife swore I would NEVER touch her again. As fate would have it, Gabby was born in this same room and the wife made the same swear there (You see how well she stuck with that one 😉 ).

the least .. and I do mean, the least .. I could do

This was snapped about an hour before the world’s worst epidural insertion, and about two hours after waves of contractions started to crash against her walls. She’s smiling, so you know the pain hasn’t reached the point of her swearing off me yet.

the light! the light!

His first photo. I snapped it about a minute after he slid into the light. He has lungs made for Kidd Brewer Stadium.


You have no idea how hard I had to scrub him to get the smell of Duke off his newly minted skin. My stomach still turns. I hope he wasn’t scarred.

And in this corner .. weighing in at 8 pounds, 14 ounces …

The teen weighed just south of seven pounds when she was born. Gabby was 7-6. As you can see, Gavin has a pound – and then some – on his ‘lil sissy. At this rate, the Trojan forbid next kid’s coming out double digits.

One odd notes – a close friend had his second child four days prior to Gavin. His daughter weighed in at exactly 8-14 as well.

My one son

I’ve been asked more than once to compare Gabby’s first day to Gavin’s. I’m always at a loss. They were the exact same, yet different. I will admit that, two days later when we got home and I rocked Gabby to sleep for the first time, I was shocked to notice just how big she is now. Really big.

The power of three

Two big sisters and one tough momma. He is so gonna hate toddler-hood.

my lil thug

He looks like such a lil thug. Gabby did too, when we was outfitted with the free hospital cap. Those sweet “Property of Watauga Medical Center” shirts complete the Public Enemy ensemble.

She loves him … for now … just wait till he wants her toys

I wish this was a Hogwarts picture. In Harry Potter’s world, photos are like animated gifs. The subjects wave, smile, and sometimes talk to you. Years from now, I’m gonna wish this photo did that. Heck, I kinda wish it did now.


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