Sibling sweetness

Their first kiss

A common question the past few days has been, “What does Gabby think of the baby?” As you can see, she’s all about him.

Shortly after we got home, I asked the Dora groupie if Gavin could use her very special Dora blanket. She reponded by going and getting the blanket, and handing it “to the baby.” (She refuses to say Gavin, or, as she occasionally pronounces it, Gabin).

On the second day, we were having issues with Gavin taking his newfangled pacifer. Gabby happily gave him her “bee” pacy. (A pacifier with its middle painted like, you guessed it, a bee).

She has yet to ask – or take – either back.

Mom is doing well, as is the rest of the family. I’ll have some photos up later this week. I’m back to work tomorrow (my last Monday at my current job … more on that later) and my mom and youngest sister are arriving for a night’s stay.

Nothing attracts attention like a baby. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Sibling sweetness

  1. Rob-
    Hey! Congrats! Just found out about the little guy tonight!
    Gabby looks like she’s liking it already. And to turn over the
    blanket…well, that’s cool too.
    Congratulations and best of luck,.

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