Gabby says the darndest things

A doe! A deer! A female deer!

Excerpts of actual conversations with Gabby:

Sitting in the bed with momma, who has her 8-months-and-3-weeks-pregnant sized belly out.
Gabby: Come out baby. Come out now! … Where are you baby? Come out!

Sample of Gabby’s new Mickey Mouse roll call skills.
Me: Hey Gabby, what’s momma’s name?
Gabby: AIM-ee!
Me: What’s sissy name?
Gabby: Ee-sha.
Me: What’s da-da’s name?
Gabby: Rob-ut!
Me: What’s you name?
Gabby: Gabby-el.
Me: Say it loud!
Gabby: Gabby-el!!

While playing on the living room floor, I was lifting Gabby up and down, pretending she was jumping. I took a quick break.
Gabby: More! More!
Me: In a minute. Daddy’s tired.
Gabby: (Shaking head) Daddy not tired …. *Mommy* tired.

The dogs start barking out. The wife opens the front door.
Wife: Shut up dogs! Shut up!
Gabby: (Playing in the floor) Shut up dogules! Shut! Up!

The next morning, the pre new teen throws a fit. She goes to her room yelling at mom. Gabby sits at high chair alone eating oatmeal and, without pausing or looking up).

Gabby: Shut up sissy. …. shut up.

The wife is driving with Gabby and the new teen in the back.
Teen: Mom! Gabby stinks. She messed her diaper. Gross!
Gabby: (looking over to sissy with smile) Gabby got gas.

We’re having a porch, room and garage built onto the house. Gabby likes to stand at the window and watch the builders work, one of which is the wife’s cousin-in-law, Ronnie. One hot day, Ronnie took his shirt off.
Gabby: Momma!
Momma: What Gabby?
Gabby: Ronny naked!
Momma: Ronnie’s naked!
Gabby: Uh-huh.
(Gabby runs to her room. Minutes later she returns sans clothes and diaper)
Gabby: Gabby naked too!

One morning Gabby finishes her cereal and wants down from her booster seat.
Gabby: Gabby want down, Momma! Gabby want down.
Momma: In a minute. Daddy will get you down in a minute.
Gabby: (looks to me, who has back turned at sink) Da-da! Da-da! Down da-da! …. Rob-ut! Rob-ut! Get me Rob-ut!

At the park, walking by a pond.
Me: Look Gabby! Look at the water. There are fishes in the water. See?
Gabby: (Stops and stares at the water) … Nemo?
Me: Yeah, nemo.
Gabby: (Walking slowly toward the water) Nemo! … Where are you! … Nemo!

First thing one morning, Gabby comes into the bedroom while I’m still in bed.
Gabby: Hey da-da!
Me: Hi Gabby. Da-da night-night.
Gabby: Da-da no go night-night. Wake up, da-da! Wake up!
Me: (Still laying in bed) I’m awake. Da-da’s awake.
Gabby: Get up, da-da. Get up!
Momma: Yeah, da-da. Get up!


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