Gabby’s 10 Ten Lists

She’s her momma’s little girl alright

Gabby flirting with some boy at a recent App bball game. I have no idea who he was, or who his parents were, and neither did Gabby. I foresee trouble 13 years in my future.

Billboards Top 10 Gabrielle Sung Songs, Feb. 26
(Including total airplay for Feb. 19-26, and previous week’s rankings)
1. Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star (1)
2. Itsy, Bitsy, Spider (2)
3. This Little Light of Mine (NA)
4. If You’re Happy And You Know It Clap Your Hands (3)
5. This Old Man, He Played One (7)
6. Jesus Loves Me (4)
7. Who Let The Dogs Out (5)
8. Hot Dog, Hot Dog, Hot Digg-i-ty Dog (9)
9. Handy Manny theme song (6)
10. Anything by the Wiggles (8)

Nielsen ratings per Gabby Channel Package, Feb. 27
(Top 10 listings for broadcast programs, including DVD and VHS.)
1. A Care Bear’s look at Food Facts and Fables – The Thing That came to Stay (aka. the bear movie)
2. Lady and the Tramp (aka. the dogule movie)
3. Micky Mouse Playhouse
4. Handy Manny
5. Little Einsteins

6. Wiggles
7. The Jungle Book
8. Animal Planet’s World’s Funniest Animals
9. Days of Our Lives
10. TSATITBT (Thankfully, She Ain’t That Into The Boob Tube)

Gabby’s Baby Times Top Ten Most Read List
(Covers fiction, non-fiction, hardcovers and paperbacks, childrens books, popups books, sales papers)
1. Raindrop Plop
2. A Mud Pie for Mother
3. My Goldfish Wish
4. Excuse Me!
5. Franklin and Harriet
6. Winnie the Pooh Friendship Day
7. Elmo’s Counting Game
8. Anything from the Barbie collection
9. A random photo book with babies making faces
10. Mountain Times

One thought on “Gabby’s 10 Ten Lists

  1. Blogs are perfect for stuff like this. Most execellent dadday post! And so glad she doesn’t read the Watauga Democrat and that you didn’t link to any photos…

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