Why hello there, teammate

Somewhere, Mitch Richmond is cryingVia my buddy japs

Before last week, the name Tim Hardaway inspired great memories of the RUN TMC era of Golden State basketball. The acronym bonded together the on-court excitment and power which was Tim, Mitch Richmond and Chris Mullins. Consider it “Showtime” in the minor leagues (Single A, actually). They couldn’t win as much as LA, but they could pretend they could.

That nice sweet memory of NBA lore was cracked a bit last week when Tim went public with how he really feels about gay people. The comments inspired the expected uproar, complete with calls for therapy, threats of banishment and desperate pleas of attention fom George Takei.

The mighty mjd, the internet’s version of SI’s Rick Reilly (only so much more enjoyable and profane), initially savaged the man like a Cosby kid in Angel Heart, but this week admitted he was a bit hasty:

But I don’t believe he’s got a hateful heart … I don’t think Tim Hardaway sits at home and thinks, “These damn gay people are ruining the world, and I’m going to get them.” I think he’s just never been exposed to a lot of homosexuals, he’s confused and threatened by it, and he threw the word “hate” out there because he didn’t know how else to say it.

I tend to agree, and will offer more specifics. It’s one thing for a man to leer at females and appreciate the gifts bestowed upon them by God. Yet it’s quite another for a man to leer right back. Suddenly it’s the hunter being judged. Our arrows are critiqued. Our bows are examined. Our sheaths are measured for length. And. Men. Can’t. Deal. with that sort of attention. They don’t want to be judged in the locker room, an assumed kinky-thinking free zone. They don’t want no man staring at their junk. That’s a woman’s job!

At least, that’s my theory. It’s not that Hardaway hates gay people. It’s just he hates to think some teammate might like to check him out. What do you think?


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