Babies, babies everywhere

My good buddy Steve and his wife, Ann, gave birth last week to a beautiful baby girl, Flora. I got photos today and had to share one.

Yep … she’s a McRae

Congrats on a beautiful daughter, Steve! I hope Bruce enjoys being a big brother.

It’s amazing how now seems to be the days of mass reproduction. The Lockwoods are expecting. Lil Riley is getting a sister sometime in late May. My sister is now 10 weeks preggers with her second.

And, well, I’m due for more pitter-pattering as well. Gabby is going to be a big sister come May 24th, give or take a day (or two or three).

And yes, Gabrielle is excited. See?

Can’t wait to boss someone else around


4 thoughts on “Babies, babies everywhere

  1. Congratulations to everyone on their new babies!

    I don’t think it’s in the water, I think it’s because we’re all realizing that we’re not getting any younger. The ticking of the biological clock is quickly turning into a gong!

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