Waiting for the penguins

gabby first’ santa visitI am buried by work this week. It’s one thing to prepare for what you know is coming up, something else entirely for what you hope is coming up. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, well click here.

I’ve got bloggy ideas bouncing around this empty head of mine, but no time to shoot them out my nose. The wife is working evening shifts, Gabby continually becomes more fun everyday, and lately I’m a math tutor for the preteen. (We’re working on scale factors this week.)

So as a bookmark please enjoy this slideshow of Holiday Panic, 64 photos of jolly ‘ol Saint Nick scaring the bejeezus out of lil kids. Actually, the sight of some of these Santas make me want to start crying. Do they not drug test at the North Pole?

By the way, the photo up top is of Gabby’s first visit with Santa. It was a spontaneous event on Christmas Eve, and we had no camera. A friend took a shot with her camera phone and swore we could get regular prints made. She was wrong.

Still, it’s a pretty photo, if you have a magnifying glass handy.


2 thoughts on “Waiting for the penguins

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