On the front page

She looks English …Sunday a good friend with a great eye and greater talent took time out of her schedule to try and snap a great family photo. The wife wants it for our planned but odds are we’ll forget or run out of time Christmas card. We met at Valle Crucis park Sunday afternoon, with temps in the 60s and plenty of sunshine. (I’m convinced Jack Frost’s unconscious body is hidden below the waters of the New River, cement shoes and all).

My bud snapped away, though Gabby was less than thrilled. She had more immediate plans. Though she last saw the park three months ago – or, more accurately, roughly a fifth of her life ago – she knew very well where she was and what was there. As soon as we stepped out the vehicle, the demand began:

“Swing!!! Swing!!”

She must have the memory of a portable USB. And neither Christmas nor Easter was gonna keep her from just a swanging. So after – hopefully – our photo friend nabbed a shot of us with a content baby (and not one aggitating to play), we acquiesced to her demands. The shutterbug remained nearby, shutter bugging away. She then departed with a wave.

Today, the shutterbug called. She said she had something for me. I assumed it was the photos for the card.


Instead it was this.

I love you Marie. You’re too good to me.


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