Breaking the rules at Biltmore

I’d hate to have to clean this place

The 10 commandments of photography, long ago burned into celluloid and handed down from Mt. Olympus, opens with six words – “Better To Ask Forgiveness Than Permission.” Good shots don’t wait. Excellent shots can’t. So snap it when you can.
This means you marie
The second line reads “Rules are for suckers, not photographers,” or some such sentiment. For a policy of “No Photography” carries as much weight as Lindsay Lohan. It’s not an order. It’s a challenge, a punk rock siren song softly blaring “breaking the law … .. breaking the law ….” Just ask Blue Ridge Blog.

BRB recently spent time at the magnificent Biltmore Estate, aka. the home of Richie Rich. America’s Largest Home has a policy of no photography. There are no patdowns or x-ray scanners (that I know of), but it’s made clear a photo is a no-no. Punishment is undefined, but I assume it has to do with cleaning the ground hen houses. That or dusting the chandeliers. Either would really suck.

Undeterred, BRB roamed the halls and snapped as erratically as Michael Richards. Once home she reviewing her shots and found a sweet one. You can see it here, but be warned – she had no idea the guy and gal in the background were naked.

That shot reminded me of some we snuck a couple of years ago. We were there to see the House at Christmas – which is spectacular by the way – and the preteen walked with a spark-o-matic point and shoot. While in the kitchen she stole a photo of a real sweet sight – the annual Biltmore gingerbread replica. (Her nanny really loves that photo).

So below is my contribution to the delinquency of both a minor and photography. If you have your own sneaky shot from Biltmore, by all means share.

I wish my house was made of gingerbread …


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