Get in the WHAT??


My alma mater heads down the mountain Saturday to resume its annual role in the mightily awesome Battle for the Ole Mountain Jug. Appalachian versus Western Carolina. It’s like Michigan versus Ohio State, but less so. (Really less so, actually).
Better yet, it’s like the Yankees-Red Sox, which for years was as much a rivalry as hammer and nail. There are Western jerseys with permanent, giant bootsteps etched forever on the back. They’ve been beaten more than David Gest. If Yosef smoked cigarettes, he’d puff on Catamount Menthols (You’ve been beat down a long time, baby!)

As if an 0-6 league record wasn’t insult-inspiring enough, the WCU athletic department unveiled this season a new marketing slogan – Get In The Whee. As in Cullowhee, not .. well … let your imagination run wild.

In fact, a friend and I did. I have to admit, my PS effort (above) is sheepishly sad compared to his (after the jump).



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