My personal one-man Election Night Party

yeah, i'm stealing itI ramble as results come in:

– 11:02: With the threat of domestic violence, I take my leave. Good job, Dems. See you in ’08.

– 11:00: More polls close. FOX – Another Dem House pickup in Az. Another in Fla. Another in here in NC with Heath Shuler winning. Dems need two more to take House.

– 10:58: CNN, King – “There will be a very different President Bush waking up in the White House tomorrow.” ME: What, will he be shorter? Blond? Shaved bald? What?

– 10:57: I hope to see Va. race end before hitting the sheets. Not looking good right now.

– 10:56: CNN – Jeff and Wolf have returned to the topic, oft repeated, of who will now lead the Repubs. Frist is gone. Santorum out. Majority cut. Who goes to the head of the class?

– 10:55: FOX – Frist, Change is in the air. ME: Really?

– 10:54: FOX – Sen. Frist is now on. Would it be wrong for me to offer a Repub diagnosis based only what I see on TV? He did once.

– 10:53: I really wish now I had taken that third Sam Adams. SIGH.

– 10:53: Drudge:

MO SEN [1179 of 3746 IN]
R- TALENT 365,704 53.6%
D- MCCASKILL 291,330 42.7%

– 10:52: CNN – Dems have picked up six governor seats.

– 10:51: Local TV says David Blust (R) has won the local state Senate seat. The local paper blog says “Goss now leads Watauga County commissioner David Blust and beat him in his home county.”

– 10:49: Did I mention that it was on this day in 2000 when Bush was declared the winner of the 2000 election? Ironically, I was living in Virginia then.

– 10:47: FOX – In Virginia, after votes certified, if difference is less than 1% of votes counted, lloser can request a recount. Layers are standing by. Carl – It could be a long night, and a long November,

– 10:46: Wife wakes, rolls over and stares at me. “When you coming to bed?” I ponder. “11?” SIGH. I have a curfew.

– 10:45: Instapundit points out that Mark Steyn is liveblogging the elections. That’s a must-read for tomorrow. I see though that Repubs have kept the Foley seat.

– 10:40: CNN – Dems pick up seats in Penn., Ohio. Jeff – “What do these two have in common? The issue of corruption.”

– 10:39: CNN – Hillary R. Clinton is giving her first speech as a re-elected Senator.

– 10:39: Drudge:

VA SEN [93.66% IN]
R- ALLEN 1,070,640 49.79%
D- WEBB 1,053,602 49.00%

– 10:36: ABC News:

In exit poll results, 57 percent of voters disapprove of the war, while 41 percent approve. Approval of the war was higher, 51 percent, in the 2004 election. And 41 percent now “strongly” disapprove of the war, up from 32 percent two years ago.

Related to concerns about the war in Iraq, voters are more apt today to say the country’s seriously off on the wrong track than to say it’s going in the right direction.

The last time this view was more negative than positive was in 1994, when Republicans took control of the House of Representatives.

– 10:35: CNN goes to speech by Lieberman, who won re-election easily. I still think he looks like Senator Palpatine.

– 10:30: CNN goes to John Kerry. Click.

– 10:30: CNN, Bennet says Dems still have no plan in Iraq.

– 10:28: I see the local paper is staying up late tonight.

– 10:24: CBS says Sanford wins SC gov race. No real surprise.

– 10:22: I bet $5 Couric doesn’t wear black tomorrow. Just sayin …

– 10:20: I head to CBS and the Perky One. Dems need 15 seats, have net gain 10 so fair. They also need three more Senate wins. Miek McCurry – the country is saying it wants a new direction.

– 10:19: I turn to a broadcast network for the first time tonight. NBC. I see David Gregory. Click.

– 10:18: MSNBC really does have some crappy graphics tonight. They’re a definite bronze behind FOX and CNN.

– 10:17: MSNBC – They’re lagging behind Drudge in the Va Senate race. MSNBC has 89% reporting. Drudge has 92.4%. Allen leading both.

– 10:16: Speaking of which, I bailed on a third Sam Adams. A bit late for that now.

– 10:16: FOX – Two more House seats called for Dems. Cause? Corruption. (Now drink).

– 10:10: AP:

Republican Bob Corker took an early lead Tuesday over Democrat Harold Ford Jr., who was trying to become the first black senator elected in the South since Reconstruction.

With 6 percent of precincts reporting, Corker had 207,905 votes, or 55 percent, and Ford had 163,698 votes, or 43 percent.

– 10:08: FOX – Kristol “It might be that George Allen saves the Republican majority in the Senate.”

– 10:03: Drudge:

VA SEN [90.14% IN]
R- ALLEN 1,025,262 50.05%
D- WEBB 998,701 48.75%

MO SEN [431 of 3746 IN]
R- TALENT 140,412 52.9%
D- MCCASKILL 116,027 43.7%

– 10:02: I really hope House, M.D. recorded tonight.

– 10:01: I know see why CNN’s Senate math is wrong. They are leaving out two independents. MSNBC has themc counted.

– 10:00: Santorum gives concession. He lost BAD.

– 9:59: MSNBC, Scarborough – “Everything we called tonight, expect for Ohio, has been in Blue State America.”

– 9:58: MSNBC – According to exit polls, six of 10 voters said they were against the war. Also, there has never been more than one black man in the Senate. Ford must be crashing.

– 9:56: MSNC – Olbermann says Pelosi was on earlier saying get ready for a Dem House. Weeble-wooble says he doesn’t yet see that.

– 9:55: MSNBC – Charlie Cook looks like a living weeble-wooble. Sorry, it had to be typed.

– 9:53: I click over to MSNBC. Matthews isn’t smiling or spitting. Bad news for Dems coming?

– 9:51: Drudge on a race tighter than a Jodie Foster two-peice (in my dreams, of course):

VA SEN [86.66% IN]
ALLEN 966,232 49.43%
WEBB 964,899 49.37%

– 9:49: No word anywhere on Tennessee. I guess I misread CNN and Chafee has lost.

– 9:48: CNN, John King – “We’re seeing Democrat momentum, but not a wave.”

– 9:45: FOX – Kristol – Repubs being hit hard in Blue states, but surviving in Red states. He notes this has become a nationalized election.

– 9:44: *SIGH* Is democray imperfect at times? I hearby submit Exhibit A.

– 9:42: I guess The Corner’s sssssslllllloooooowwwww load isn’t just me. Their posts are taking significant minutes to appear. Jonah notes:

FYI, a couple times now I’ve posted something only to see it be duplicative of something else someone has posted. The problem is that the Corner is lagging behind our posting software because of the ongoing technical issues. It takes a few minutes for anything I post to actually go public. So when I look at the Corner I don’t see that someone has beat me to something until like five minutes after the fact. So, if anybody repeats around here, it’s not because we don’t read the Corner, but we’re just moving faster than the speed of live (as they say on Shep Smith’s show).

– 9:40: BTW: The second Sam Adams is almost gone. And no, there is no nipple on it. GULP. It’s done.

– 9:37: Instapundit: FOX SAYS CHAFEE HAS LOST TO WHITEHOUSE, giving the Dems another Senate pickup. ME: But CNN has Chafee winning. Did I miss-see? Hmmmm.

– 9:36: Again, CNN has the Senate 44 Repubs, 43 Dems, and 11 races undecided. Shouldn’t that equal 100, or am I missing something?

– 9:34: On Drudge:

VA SEN [81.09% IN]
ALLEN 901,775 49.63%
WEBB 893,535 49.17%

– 9:32: CNN – Dems pick up one another House seat. According to CNN graphic, the Senate stands at 11 undecided, with one more Repub (44) then Dem (43).

– 9:31: CNN – I see in the background that Chafee has been called the winnah in RI.

– 9:30: CNN – Dems need to win three of four close Senate races to rule the upper house.

– 9:30: WataugaWatch:

OBSERVATIONS: Madam Foxx beaten to a pulp in her own county!

Though Tarleton and Goss have won Watauga County, we don’t yet know if they’ve won their districts.

L.D. Hagaman edges past Shook for sheriff, but there’ll likely be a recount … with almost 200 provisional ballots to be factored in.

You may commence dancing in the streets, O my brethren & sistern!

Congrats to Watauga Dems. You ran great campaigns. I loved the YouTube spots.

– 9:22: I will assume my local results answered by earlier questions. Dems came out in force this election. No doubt. I’m somewhat in shock, really. Not disappointed. Just … wow …

– 9:22: On the local front, I see it reported that Cullie Tarleton is expected to beat Gene Wilson in my local state House race. WTF? Shook LOST!!! Wow. Dems take County Commission. Double wow. Nice to see I did support some winners (taint saying who).

– 9:22: I was thinking the same thing. Kinda hooky. Obvious Russert rip-off.

– 9:21: FOX – They call Maryland for Cardin (D). “One of the first real tossup races,” to be called, says Hume. I though Mehlman sounded down on that one.

– 9:19: BTW, FOX called Lieberman the winner in Connecticut. How ’bout them Netroots! Not to bash Kos, but Lament was his first win. Does this cancel that out?

– 9:18: Mehlman – It’s “premature” to declare a national trend.

– 9:17: FOX – – Mehlman – Steele has done well in Maryland. (He sounds like he knows it’s a defeat). Big block of Northern Va. are in and Allen is holding on. (Which is close to the opposite of what Schumer said earlier).

– 9:12: So far I haven’t heard any details on turnout. Is this a Dem wave similar to the 1994 Repub takeover, or are Repubs staying home like in 1996 Presidential election? No one on FOX or CNN is saying. At least that I’ve heard.

– 9:11: Now on Drudge:

VA SEN [72.00% IN]
ALLEN 799,526 50.40%
WEBB 767,945 48.40%

R — Sen. Santorum out in PA…
R — Sen. DeWine out in OH …

– 9:11: FOX – Dems take NY governor seat.

– 9:09: My favorite local Dem blog posts some interesting news which apparently it has been sitting on:

In a poll of 808 likely voters in NC-5, conducted Oct. 26th, the poll found that Foxx’s support had sunk to 49% (Sharpe 43%, with 8% undecided). That was not only significant, it was cause for (private) jubilation in many quarters.

Further, the poll found 68% dissatisfaction with the direction of the country, with 61% of the 800 “more enthusiastic” for voting on November 7th.

Here’s the best part: in the breakdown of who was polled, it was 47% Republican voters, 33% Democrat, and 20% unaffiliated. When more Republicans than Democrats think we’re on the wrong track, when a wide majority of Republicans can’t summon more than 50% approval of Madam Foxx … that’s more than a slight breeze blowing.

– 9:08: FOX – Dean, “I do think it’s a mandate to do something different in Iraq.”

– 9:06: FOX – Dean in on with Wallace. He’s not smiling until he says, “We’re being very conservative, if I may say so on a conservative station.” Big grin. He should have been the 2004 nominee. He add it may be a long night, and “It could come down to Monatana and missouri.”

– 9:02: FOX – Brit is going through the 9 p.m. poll closings. No surprises in any race. Corker is up 56 to 40-something over Ford, but not many votes in. Lieberman is up by several points. Allen is up 16,000 votes in Va. No word on Maryland Senate or Rhode Island Senate. Brit doesn’t call RI, but by his tone you can assume Chafee is dust.

– 9:01: WordPress, don’t fail me now. Deep breathes. In. Out. Now in. Out. Good.

– 8:46: CNN – Chuck Shumer is shown giving a speech, saying the Dem strongholds in Virginia have yet to be counted.

– 8:45: Over at Instapundit: TENNESSEE’S ANTI-GAY MARRIAGE AMENDMENT appears to be winning overwhelmingly.

– 8:44: CNN – Kain, the NJ “loser” is shown on a graphic leading 52-47, even though CNN is calling it for Menendez. Wolf – “It gets a little confusing from time to time, but that’s the nature of politics.” As he talks, those number flick to 51-49. I didn’t see the number of precincts reporting.

– 8:43: Now on Drudge:

VA SEN [52.52% IN]
ALLEN 583,153 50.85%
WEBB 549,673 47.93%

– 8:42: CNN, Jeff Greenfield – The key to the NJ Senate race was George W. Bush. “That was a major sigh of releif you heard from DNC headquarters.”

– 8:35: CNN – They call Menendez the winner in NJ Senate race. Sen. Bill Frist happens to be on at the time. Big frown.

– 8:32: I have The Corner! Best headline:
Sanders, Kennedy, Byrd Win in Democratic Wave.

– 8:31: CNN: Anderson Cooper goes to Carville and Begala for their reaction to tonight. I foresee no trash can hat his Carville’s immediate future.

– 8:30: I see header on The Corner! Any hour now!

– 8:24: CNN – Wolf announces the Dems have their first House pickup. His name is Ellsworth and he’s in Indiana.

– 8:23: CNN – Dean “All the races are close. No one should be making any predictions. But we’re hopeful.”

– 8:22: CNN – Dean is still on. He now sounds like he knows they’ve won the House.

– 8:20: I switch over to see local results. As expected, all I see on a crawl is results of races I care nothing for. Patience, Master Yoda whispers.

– 8:19: BTW, my first Sam Adams is lingering longer than the Webb-Allen race. GULP. It’s gone now.

– 8:18: CNN – Dobbs admits Iraq isn’t the big issue, corruption is. Leading me to add “corruption” to my drinking game list.

– 8:17: CNN – Howard Dean is on. I thought he’d be smiling. He looks pretty serious. He should take some of what Zahn is on.

– 8:16: CNN, Bill Schneider – A good economy is helping Jeb Bush. Of course, there’s no Iraq but a good economy. ME: With brilliant analysis like that, I’m glad I didn’t call him.

– 8:15: Paula Zahn is as happy as Fred Barns is depressed.

– 8:00 – 8:14: Helping preteen with homework. Slopes, lines and rates of change. I wish I could call Bill Schneider for help. He’d know the answers.

– 7:58: MSNBC – It could be a long night, according to Joe Lieberman’s press secretary.

– 7:56: Still no luck getting into The Corner. I did make it to the NRO Media Blog though. Nothing really there. Must have the night off. TvNewser is on the case though.

– 7:53: MSNBC – The future (in my opinion) Democrat nominee for president Bill Richardson just appeared on MCNBC. I like him enough to block out Matthews. Richardson says it will be a good night for Dems taking several governor (or is that gubernatorial?) seats.

– 7:51: The first cliche of the night has been shot, bagged and taggedThey say all politics is local, but it doesn’t look that way in this year’s election.

– 7:48: FNC – The All-Stars are discussing Robocalls, those automated, recorded message which swarm contested districts. I only received one (from Rush), but friends received double-digits. This abomination decided one race for me. As I mentioned earlier, I was unsure between Worthless and Shameless. Well, Worthless had the worst commercials and killed many a good phone line. So Shameless got my vote.

– 7:46: Time for a Sam Adams. Toast!

– 7:45: Yeah, Repubs are crashing. I just saw at Instapundit that CNN reported earlier that “‘Corruption’ was the number one issue mentioned by voters in exit polls.”

– 7:43: This is cool. Too bad it clumps all the races together. Still, cool. (The Corner timed out again).

– 7:42: I’m on dialup at home. I just clicked on The Corner. Let’s see how long it takes to connect (In the time it took to type that sentence, it timed out).

– 7:41: MCNBC: There was a time I loved Chris Matthews. Tonight is not one of those times. Click.

– 7:40: FNC – Wallace also hints that it looks to be a long night for Repubs, though Hume insists it’s too early to depend on exit poll data. Something’s bubbling in the background.

– 7:38: Slip by Brit. While commenting on polls which have closed, he made some comment about one Republican candidate being hurt by some scandels how a national mood was forming against them. I take that as a hint exit polls are *really* hammering Repubs.

– 7:31: CNN – Byrd wins in West Va. A few months ago many thought he wouldn’t win another term.

– 7:07-7:30: Gabby Break. Bath, dress for bed, three lullabies, and she’s out.

– 7:07: FNC – Another bad graphic flashed, which featured a blacked-out shadow for one candidate. Oppsie.

– 7:06 – In Va. Congressional district, 10% of votes were to support Bush, 20-some % were against. ME: That equals 30-some percent, so for 70% of Va. voters Bush wasn’t a factor. Interesting.

– 7:06: FNC – Wallace – “Throw those away. Listen to me.” Dumb graphics man.

– 7:05: FNC – 54% of voters in Va. were against Iraq war. Most went to Webb.

– 7:04: FNC – Exit polls in Virginia. Take with a grain of salt. One in five votes were in support of Bush, while 1 in three opposed. Wallace says this is a trend around the country.

– 7:02: On FNC, Brit Hume and the All-Stars are re-enacting the Spock funeral scene from Star Trek II, sans bagpipes. Can’t be a good sign for the Repubs.


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