Merry Election Day!

17 years before she can vote, 20 years to drinkRandom thoughts as I suffer through one of my favorite days.

– 5:05: I’m off to do my duty! Polls here close at 7:30 p.m., so I have plenty of time to battle any Rove-commanded ninja squadrons ordered to disenfranchise me, or any Deaniacs waving laptops if I even dare whisper the name “Fo–.” (You’ll get this if you’re local). I may be online again tonight, if the wife can withstand my obsessive-compulsive channel-clicking disorder.

– 5:03: More maybe, could-it-be news!:

The DSCC… [Rich Lowry]
I hear they are confident about Webb, cautiously confident about McCaskill and giddy about Santorum. Fwiw…

– 5:00: It had to happen. Election rage!:

In Pennsylvania, a would-be voter was arrested at a polling place in Allentown, where election workers said he smashed an electronic voting machine with a paperweight.

– 4:58: The Chicago station I’m listening to said it expects election projects at 6 p.m.

– 4:57: Best question of the day: What does it tell you about a political party if in a year of epic disaster for their opponents the best they can hope for is a 51-49 majority in the Senate?

– 4:55: My traditional private one-man election night party generally involves me flipping back and forth between FNC, CNN and MSNBC with the speed of Superman on crack after drinking a jolt cola with Lois in danger half a world away. Nachos and cheese are also a part of the night. Hey, it works for me.

– 4:54: News from the Old North StateReports from around Virginia early Tuesday indicated an extraordinarily high turnout for a midterm election, with perhaps 65 percent of registered voters expected to cast ballots, state elections officials said. That would double the midterm turnout in 2002.

– 4:52: Exit poll news, kind of. Kitchen Table Politics posts that CNN is reported 60% turnout in Maryland. Let me take it in …. hhuuuuuuuuuuuuuu. Ooooooooooooooooooooooo yeah. Exit poll highs are the best.

– 4:51: No comment, though I do expect CNN Most Popular Video box to see a new No. 1 soon. SIGH.

– 4:46: Funniest blog post headline of the day – Monkey King Has Voted. Very attractive site. Especially given it’s a livejournal.

– 4:44: My favorite Dem-related local blog is all about some election day posts speculation. I remember well his posts from 2004, when he was drenched in optimism based on early returns. I see now he is hedging his early cheers.

– 4:43: I’m thinking Sam Adams. Yeah. That’ll work just fine.

– 4:42: Wow. High Country Conservative has a new name. Didn’t know that. And oh, look! Predictions.

– 4:40: Finally, a “canary in the coalmine” metahor!:

6:00PM: Indiana and Kentucky

Indiana and Kentucky are the Republicans’ canary in the coalmine. In 1994, the GOP knew even before cocktail hour that they were in for a good night when a number of seats switched hands in both states (it happened so early in the evening that many election night observers had not even tuned in yet). Democrats are hopeful the same thing happens this year in their favor. The Republican Governor of Indiana is as smart as Einstein and as popular as typhoid, so there is a local anti-Republican current that is dragging down the rest of the ticket. Kentucky Republicans are suffering the same fate. There are five possible switches in this time zone – one more than in 1994. If three or more go early, you know the Democrats are taking control of the House.

– 4:37: More drinking game rules. My favorite:

Take a hit when:
* Katie Couric mispronounces a U.S. state name.

* Chris Matthews’ spittle becomes visible to the home audience.

– 4:37: I’m now listening to WLS out of Chicago. Let’s see what they’re doing.

– 4:32: With less than 30 minutes to poll time, I’m still debating one race on the ballot. From my perspective it comes down to Worthless against Shameless. I have no idea which way to go. Instead of the traditional “lesser of two evils” I’m thinking “which will irritate me less.” Hmmmmm …

– 4:32: SIGH. No free Pipeline.

– 4:30: I couldn’t take Ed any longer. He’s outta here! Now trying to see if I can sneak some CNN Pipeline.

– 4:28: I’m assuming Kirstie is back to the hotness I remember. Nope, but not bad.

– 4:26: Most watched videos on CNN at this very moment:

1. Gov. Sanford turned away from voting (2:09)
2. Kirstie Alley’s new look (3:17)
3. Brooks & Dunn, Chesney win big (2:20)
4. Bush’s final campaign push (1:38)

– 4:24: Ed’s lawyer friend Norm is now saying Laura was crying fire in a crowded theater. I have no law degree, but I’m failing to follow his contentions.

– 4:23: LOOK! LOOK! Possible, maybe, could-it-be, news:

They say they are ahead in absentee ballots and early voting in AZ, MD, OH, CA and TN.

– 4:22: Ed now has some lawyer on air saying Laura is breaking federal law. He quotes a law saying it is illegal to prevent someone from exercising their right to vote.

– 4:20: I’m heading to the polls in about 40 minutes. Then it’s own to my one-person election night party. So now I’m contemplating – which brand beer to buy. Is this a Blue Moon night, or Bud Light?

– 4:19: Pet peeve – I really, really, really hate website that link to .pdfs without letting you know they are linking to a .pdf. Exhibit A.

– 4:14: Wow. Even the Mormons alledge cheating.

– 4:10: Now Reid is all over Laura. Heh. Sorry. It’s funny.

– 4:08: Sen. Harry Reid is now on Big Eddie’s show.

– 4:03: Let’s also not ignore the thousands of false “new” voters gathered by ACORN. For shame.

– 4:02: Don’t minunderstand me. People from all parties engage in dirty tricks. Politics is filthy. It’s just annoying to hear one side protray the other as Guffus while they swear they’re Gallant.

– 3:59: Heh. Big Ed is now commenting on e-mails regarding Laura Ingraham’s show this morning, during which she continually called the special hotline for Democrats encountering problems at the polls. He said he is being told she urged her listeners to jam the phone line. I was listening to her and yeah, she was promoting the number on the air and challenging her listners to actually get a live person on the phone. How dare she fiddle with the mechanics of democracy.What’s next – slashing the tires of campaign workers? Sorry, but it’s been done.

– 3:57: Just wanted to let you know that Blue Ridge would never, EVER, do anything like this …. unless it was a really, really sweet shot. Then all bets are off.

– 3:54: I will say Big Eddie makes a good case as to why Repubs should crash. It’s a long list.

– 3:42: Big Eddie is going on and on on why Santorum and DeWine are bad for America. If they’re such “losers” and sure to crash and burn, why is he wasting precious broadcast minutes on them?

– 3:41: You tease, you.

– 3:36: An Election Day drinking game. I would play, but I have a strict two-beer minimum at the house. No way they’d last 30 minutes.

– 3:34: Yep. It’s a rainy election day here. You know what that means. God is crying. So is that godo news for Dems or Repubs?

– 3:29: I actually have no clue what type of contraption I’ll use to vote. I’ve only ever used punchcard ballots, both here and in Virginia. The county has made strides in buying all-new HAL 2000s, but I don’t know if my precinct will get any.

– 3:27: Drudge now has about 12 headlines related to reported voting problems. Given the lack of exit poll data, I guess there really is nothing else to obsess about until tonight.

– 3:19: Here’s details on voting problems in Indiana. Note the lack of evil paranoia. Must be a Rove plant:

“Any time you switch to new technology that people haven’t been using and are not trained well on, you should expect some glitches,” said Myers, an assistant professor at the Indiana University School of Informatics. “There are so many places where things can go wrong.”

– 3:11: As I expected, Big Eddie is going on and on about election snaffus and how it is all part of some big massive scheme. What the hell, maybe it is. Bush controls all, knows all, and is all.

– 3:10: My thoughts exactly.

– 3:02: Hard to beleive it’s been roughly nien hours since polls opened and still no exit poll data released. You’re slipping Drudge.

– 2:59: Rush is now off the air. He failed to really hold my interest over the last hour or so (or as much of the interest I could lend his way while I busy myself with work projects). Big Eddie is up next!

– 2:57: I understand the importance of voting, but I ain’t all about pushing it on people. If you don’t want to vote, then less power to you. Nice to see the Freakonomics guys agree.

– 2:40: Wow. Someone thinks along the same lines I doBeing the political junky that I am, today is like Christmas. Can’t wait to open the presents later tonight and see if, indeed, we finally get some sort of “check” put back in place Washington way. Just what DC needs, another check.

– 2:21: Bush’s legacy. Heh. I had no clue he was behind the Playboy Party spot. Great Ah-nold photo.

– 2:20: I have yet to stop laughing at this.

– 2:11: Earlier I made a snide comment about today’s all-important elections in Alaska. I had no idea the extent to which some Americans have to go to vote. It makes most charges of disenfranchisement seem silly:

To vote this year, those people traveled by boat to hub communities such as Nenana, where they mailed special advance ballots up to two months before the election, said Growden.

Before 2004, when the Legislature changed the law for remote Alaskans, those people received standard absentee ballots just two to three weeks before an election, Growden said. Some of them couldn’t get to a mailbox in time because rivers froze by election day, so they couldn’t vote, she said.

– 2:09: *SIGH* Another disenfranchised voter. Poor man.

– 1:58: Instapundit has posted a video of his own reporting on today’s events in Tennessee. On his voiceover, Glenn sounds like a tape recording of Juan Williams sped up a notch.

– 1:55: It took long enough. Bring in the lawyers!

Lawyers with the Tennessee Democratic Party will file suit early this afternoon asking that voting hours be extended due to reports of infrastructure problems, a party spokesman said.

The party has received reports that some precincts lacked enough voting machines, voting machines that are not working, long lines and delays in the openings of polling paces, said the spokesman Mark Brown.

Infrastructure problems? Like roads, sewer and electricity?

– 1:46: Your words of wisdom for today – “Remember: millions of people voting * tens of poll workers * thousands of machines = literally billions of voting-related transactions.”

– 1:45: I glanced over some commentary on reports of voter suppression. I would link, but the people in the comment section scare me. Really. They do. When I read some sites, I feel like I’m watching that video from The Ring. I’m scared someone may pop out and get me.

– 1:20: I’m looking for a photo to go with this post/liveblog. This one is awesome, but alas, too dated.

– 1:17: If this has happened to me, I’d have yelled “CHARLIE MURPHY!”

– 1:13: Even Buzzsaw-loving, St. Louis Cardinal-worshiping Deadspin takes time out to mark today:

If you’re looking for a sports angle, you can vote for Lynn Swann or Heath Shuler, you can keep in mind the potential bill that might hinge on the next chairman of the Ways and Means Committee or you can just stand outside the polling place with your face painted and yelling, “DE-FENSE! DE-FENSE!” That wouldn’t make much sense, but it might be cold where you are, and the face paint could help.

– 1:10: I’m eating lunch now, btw. Hamburger steak leftover from Sunday and potatos with cheese leftover from last night. Yum.

– 1:06: I see MSNBC is all over alleged voter intimidation. Somewhere Keith Olbermann is rubbing his nipples and cooing.

– 1:04: My favorite website discovered today – The complete schedule of when certain polls close tonight. Thank goodness I have no interest in those big Alaska races. I’d be up all night.

– 1:00: Six-and-a-half hours untils polls close here. I’ll be voting around 5:20ish, unless, of course, The Man tries to supress me. Or choke me.

– 12:55: Yes, I will be listening to Mr. Limbaugh for awhile. At three I’ll have Ed Shultz on for my full 360 on today’s perspectives. He has a great show, btw.

– 12:45: Listening to Rush just now, he reports “They’re choking voters in Kentucky!” Sure enough:

A poll worker was arrested Tuesday and charged with assault and interfering with an election for allegedly choking a voter and pushing the voter out the door, an official said.

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