Playing the best mix of music I never listen to

DJ Jazzy Jeff has nothing on me!

If you wonder why Popcorn keeps going stale, the above is it. I’m officially one month and a day into my radio career and have yet to reschedule the rest of my life accordingly. It doesn’t help that my real paying gig has been keeping me plenty busy.

As I mentioned some posts ago, I took on a part-time gig with a local FM station. I’m the “morning DJ,” a phrase which to me sounds awkwardly like porn talk. I prefer morning host, but that sounds as lame as CBS Evening News Anchor. So I just say I play on the radio (honesty is the best policy, unless you really hate Nick Lachey. I’ve learned to keep that to myself).

The dial territory I fill is a music station, not talk. It has one of those “best mix of music from yesterday and today” slogans, which is actually code for “all music released since FDR sans rap, country, gospel or rock.” I’m having issues with that, but I’m aclamating. My immediate goal is picking up the tempo. The pre-programmed song selection would drive zombies to suicide: “Sentimental Journey” … “Slow Dancing” … “Ballerina Girl” … “New York State of Mind” … Pass the butter knife as I try and slit my wrists. Such sounds should be legally banned before 10 a.m. (9 a.m. Central).

So here is where I need some help. Guide me peeps. What sort of song do you like to hear in the morning? I’m all about some 80s and early 90s, but I dropped out of music when Biggie Smalls released his third posthumous album and Michael Jackson started banging kids. Anything out since 94ish is as alien as a Republican nanny. Give me some requests, recommendations and rejects (ie. songs from which to back away slowly).

I do know I need to work on my voice. I’m not Yeardley Smith, but far from Barry White. I need some Vincent Price-like bass. So second question – which brand of cigarettes would anyone recommend?

Sometime soon the station will stream live in the net. I’ll post a link, if any stray reader would like to listen. You can never have too many listeners, unless you’re bad talking the boss too close to an echoing air vent. Bad idea.


4 thoughts on “Playing the best mix of music I never listen to

  1. What is your typical playlist? Personally I like to throw in some Chili Peppers to get me going in the morning but that might be a stretch if you are playing Celine Dion.

  2. I can basically play whatever I want, as long as it has no really naughty words or rapping. For example, there is only one Poison song on the current play list (I’ll let you guess which one). We also have only four Hall and Oats songs, no New Edition and nothing from Ray Charles post-1970.

    On the other hand, Michael Buble is everywhere. *SIGH*

  3. Congrats on the gig man. I heard about it from Jeff Fancher. I would by lying if I didn’t say I was a bit jealous as I am looking to get back into radio myself. Best of luck with the gig and I’ll tune you in to see what all you are into!

  4. You HAVE to post a link when you start streaming! Your dulcent tones can soothe me while I’m working. Hmmmm, maybe that won’t work with the time difference. Podcasts! You need podcasts. Definitely.

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