Buzzin around


Gabrielle had an un-bee-leevable Halloween. She got the jist pretty quick. Bite-bite, bite-bite everywhere! And not a veggie to drink!

As you can see, she dressed as a bee. She had no sting but buzzed with power, and at one stop even sniffed a flower!

cool timing

That’s an unplanned scene from Boone Mall, where we went to engage in – as Charlie Brown’s sister Sally calls it – Tricks and Treats. That smudge smeared on her cheeks and chin is the remnant of her black button nose and NOT the mark of a mad Hershey binge. As soon as momma dotted that nose, she spread its wealth all over her face. We gave up keeping her clean.

What surprised us was the hive we found at the mall. More than one ‘lil one was decked in winged black and yellow.

a missing sibling? Uh … no …

And don’t even ask how she reacted to the random spook, skull or scream. She cared not a bit for them, and made sure to keep her distance.

Overall, I think she may have been a bit over-stimulated. It would have been nice to saunter through the crowds instead of making like Lance Armstrong and racing to break an imaginary finish line of licorice. The preteen had two of her friends with us, and time was always a’wastin. There was candy to be gotten!! And gotten it was! But never was it enough. I don’t know if I’ll survive the teenage years.


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