Crazy week

eskimo baby

What a week:

– Last Friday Gabby found a virus decorated with headaches and fever. When she was done playing with it, she gave it to me. It took two 100.2-degree days to drop it, only for the preteen to pick it up late Wednesday. All day yesterday she was – in her mind – on death’s door. Her cries gave us a headache, but she seems to be almost back to normal today. Thankfully.

– I started a new part-time jon Tuesday. I’m the new morning show DJ for a local FM radio station. It’s been fun, but requires a 4:20 a.m. wake-up call. And no, I ain’t doing anything like this.

– My “other” job included much attention to updating webpages, uploading photos and refreshing data. It should slow down after today.

– LOST premiered Wednesday. Pretty good start to season 3. I taped and watched last night the show on after it, The Nine. The two shows together give ABC a nice “Party of Five” alumni block. Though I wonder if this means Audrey won’t be back for “24”.

This is just a long way of saying I’m still here but haven’t had time to bang out a keyboard. I have some cool photos from the weekend to share, but I need time to fun ’em up a bit. Maybe this weekend. Until then, here’s a great way to spark a smile to your day.

One thought on “Crazy week

  1. Glad y’all are feeling better. Man, it really blows when an illness makes its rounds through the family; atleast it didn’t go back around a second time.

    Congrats on the radio gig, I always thought that would be a cool job. I’m sure it’ll be fun, and it probably won’t take too long to get used to the early alarm.

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