I am so there

Appalachian’s Homecoming is Saturday. I know exactly where I’m going to be – with my buddy japs at the world’s greatest and cheapest tailgate.

this actually isn't a joke
Click here for larger image

Here’s how he set it up:

I’ve already reserved a spot, but there’s not going to be a lot of room. It’s the small place in front of Newland (toward the Rivers St. side). As a matter of fact, the spot just so happens to be the monument of Daniel Boone and his two hunting dogs (who I have, for no real reason, named Catfish and Cornbread). There, you can find me with a 2 liter of Sun Drop and a half gallon of Jim Beam, probably half conscious, half-clothed, and half-way in a conversation…with Catfish and/or Cornbread. Come on by and sit by the fake fire (bring appropriate pants, because it may require some Indian-styled sitting), and feel free to take all the pictures that you want, cause I’m pretty sure I won’t remember them. Food is another issue….or I should say non-issue. You might want to bring your own food to Tailgate Casa de Japs, that is unless you will be interested in the half-eaten pack of Lance Crackers and possible corn dog or two that may be jammed in my pockets. Anything else in my pockets is off limits.


5 thoughts on “I am so there

  1. Wow … I may have oversold the party. Heh. It’s actually been moved to the octogon. Follow the smell of crackers and Sun Drop. You’ll find us. I’ll be at my “work” location some, but will sneak away when I can.

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