Excuse me while I curse


It was bad enough they blew it, but even worse to read the screw up was no Gamble but a dunder-headed call from the staff:

The Panthers appeared on the verge of winning until the trick play, the kind rarely used by the conservative Fox, went horribly awry. …

“Really nothing on this team happens without me OKing it, and I OK’d it. It obviously didn’t work out.”

Gamble and Fox said the return man had the option to keep the ball or throw it.

“It was a designed play,” Gamble said. “… I should have just kept the ball at the time, but I was trying to just run the play and do what I was told.”

Of all the times to go John Wooden. Nice touch being named Gamble, by the way. Didn’t Kenny Rogers teach you anything!!!

You got to know when to hold em.
Know when to fold em.
Know when to walk away,
and know when to run.
You never throw the damn ball under pressure on a trick play up just seven with 10 minutes to go on the road with Delhomme playing like a blind one-armed paper boy with his good arm recovering from Tommy John surgery and his top receiver …
There’ll be time enough for trickin out when the game is done!



2 thoughts on “Excuse me while I curse

  1. That Panther’s game gave my son an opportunity to use some language I don’t quite appprove of – especially Gamble’s pass. Since he’s a State fan he’s using a lot of descriptive words lately. At least App won!

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