Robservations – Harrison Ford, a great photo, DS9

– Life in Boone this very second, brought to you by A great day for football. Our stadium is to the far left. At about 12:30 p.m. I’ll wave from the parking lot. I’ll have the Bud Light in one hand and brat in the other (food, not Gabby).

– I’m not sure why, but I really like this photo. It just captures something special, either the pain of being forced to shop there, or the protests of being forced to leave. It’s taken by the proud parents behind Sweet Juniper.

– My mom dared send me this link. She must be trying to tell me something.

– In my free time (hehe … that’s hard to type with a straight face) I help contribute to a great blog called The Best of You Tube. This week I found a really old trailer for The Empire Strikes Back. It’s advertised as being voiced by Harrison Ford, but I just don’t know. Go check it out and tell me what you think.

– James Lileks is one of my favorite writers, able to blend humor and perspective like gin and tonic. Today he remarks on a TV trend that’s always bothered me. He uses Star Trek:Deep Space Nine as an example:

The commercial break forced a peculiar demand on drama, which was eventually institutionalized into the medium and accepted by those of us who grew up expect TV dramas to have four acts – and, if the show starred Efram Zimbalist the Latter, an Epilogue. Now shows cut out much quicker, and we don’t notice because we expect the breaks. The sudden urgent surge just means we reach for the remote to FF through the spots. Imagine Shakespeare if every scene ended after 640 seconds with the understanding that the audience would leave the Globe en masse, and might not return unless you’d left them depending from tenterhooks.

How true. He goes on to note that watching certain TV shows on DVD is now much more satisfying than watching live on the small screen. His LOST analogy is dead-on, and why as much as I look forward to the show, I hate ABC.


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