Who will start Saturday

riddle me this, riddle me that ...Earlier this week I mentioned the potential for an Appalachian QB contro-ver-C. It appears it may indeed be brewing.

Moore did not say when he would make his final decision on who would be the starter.

“It may be during the pregame,” Moore said. “One thing, last year, (Edwards) was playing high school football. How do you know when to pull a pitcher? You go to the bullpen and get a guy and he could throw a home run pitch. The next one you bring in strikes out the side. It’s kind of a feel thing.”

The players in question are backup true freshman Armanti Edwards and starter Trey Elder. Edwards was instant offense last week when he subbed for the injured Elder. Given the lack of overall punch after two games (average of 185 yards offense), it makes sense to re-evaluate the talent. And, as a casual fan, you can’t help but remember the role Elder played in last year’s national title game (He started and the Apps were down at the half. Hobbled QB Richie Williams started the second half and led the way to victory. I know it’s unfair to bring that up, but when is sports ever fair?)

This isn’t the first time Moore’s had two great names that played great together. Back in the 1998 season, Daniel Jeremiah came off the bench to lead Appalachian to an overtime win against The School Scared To Play Appalachian in Football. (aka., the alleged I-A Wake Forest). There used to be a great black and white photo hanging in the football office of Jeremiah under a heap of Deacons, stretching the ball over the endzone for the game winner.

David Reaves was the man at the start of the season. He had a good arm and liked the pocket. Jeremiah could also throw bullets, but had great legs on the option and a better feel for the tempo of a game. Moore would alternate the two behind center, and the combination worked well. The Mountaineers went 9-3 and two rounds into the I-AA playoffs.

The two finished the next season among the top passers in the SoCon. The team went 8-3 and made the postseason, but didn’t stick around.

So Moore has proven he can make it work. A lot depends on the personalities of the players, their chemistry with the team, and their confidence in themselves. This weekend App takes on Mars Hill, which some have already written in as consecutive win No. 20 within The Rock. If it turns out to be just that easy, then Moore can experiment. There’s no harm in that …. maybe.

By the way, Reaves now recruits Cocks as a full-time member of Steve Spurrier’s staff at South Carolina. Jeremiah has a similar role in the NFL, working as a scout for the Ravens.


2 thoughts on “Who will start Saturday

  1. You’re not the first to say that. I was told today Elder was informed Monday he would not start. Coaches were concerned with the hits he’s taken against that so-called I-A school in Raleigh and JMU.

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