I haven't been everywhere, man

The Broken Road found this cool online map which colors in where you’ve been. After inputting my stops, I find I have only seen 29 percent of this great country. I wonder if that’s high, low or pathetic. I do think you should get extra points based on where you were and what you did in each state, such as drinking margaritas in The Gap in New Orleans or seeing the Macy’s Day parade in NYC.

Thanks mjd!

– I just finished reading Dan Brown’s “Angels & Demons.” It was pretty good. If you liked The Da Vinci Code, you’ll like this one – primarily because it’s the same book. All the DVC elements are there – character Robert Langdon, some hot chick (who Robert bags), old guy in a wheelchair, evil Catholics, European art, random riddles, a sexually-deviant killer and a mythical religious-based conspiracy group. My only real complaint it what appears to be a major oversight. Toward the end Langdon reflects on the televised speech given by the camerlengo when he “surrendered” to science. Yet, while the camerlengo was talking, Langdon was trapped unconscious under a sarcophagus with a beeping Mickey Mouse watch. Or did I miss something?

– Speaking of books, a couple of years ago I was mesmerized by the audio book version of Flags of our Fathers. It’s the story of the men who raised the flag at Iwo Jima. I’ve always meant to read the print edition. It is a moving tale, tracing those men’s lives from birth to death. I see today that Clint Eastwood produced a movie on the book. It’s coming out October 20.

– Speaking of movies, next summer is making my wallet sweat. Spider-Man 3, Shrek 3, Fantastic Four 2, Harry Potter, the Simpsons …. Has there ever been a grander popcorn summer?


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