Gettin’ ready for some football

yes, he scared her

The defending I-AA National Champions held their annual Fan Fest Saturday. And as you can see, Gabrielle didn’t care one bit to be too close to the mighty Yosef. She was all about staring and pointing his way when she first noticed him, but once he got close .. uh-uh. No-no. Get away. She did her best Heisman pose to push his beard away.

Overall we had a good time. We didn’t bother trying to get autographs or photos with players (We ran that route back in January). Instead we milled about the football field (it’s FieldTurf, ya know!) and chatted with friends. As soon as we got there we put Gabby on the ground. Like a crazed defensive lineman with a fumble and open field, she tore off in whatever direction her balance took her. She cared not a whit whether mom and dad was with her. She was off exploring. Life is a highway and she wanted to walk it all day long.

She eventually caught sight of the huge inflatable slide and headed that way. Before the day was over, she slid down four times. Three times with mom, once with dad. If not for the line and long wait, she’d have easily doubled the trips.

here we go

showing some leg!

do it again!

dada's turn

And, given the theme of the day – FOOTBALL – she got in a few workouts.

she gets the fumble!

After two hours of festing, everyone was shooed into the stands. It was scrimmage time! Which, for me, is like attending an O’Doul’s keg party. You can try to mimic the taste, but it just ain’t the real thing. I couldn’t get into watching, but Gabby was all about the action on the field.

here we go Mountaineers, here we go

The first real game of the season is less than two weeks away. Appalachian takes on the Wolfpack in Raleigh. We have our tickets. We’ll be there.

3 thoughts on “Gettin’ ready for some football

  1. I wish I could’ve been there!!!! It looks like you had a great time! I’ll be in Raleigh though! (Know anybody with tickets they are looking to sell?!) I’ll at least be there for the tailgating…

  2. You can find tickets on ebay and at stubhub. The prices may dip as we get closer to the game. I’ll let ya know if I find any.

  3. I’ve been told by State alum there should be plenty of tickets for sale outside the stadium especially since it’s a holiday weekend and a non ACC game. Bring cash. Who knows what the price will be. We looked at ebay, too.
    My State friends came through with some tickets for our family. Unfortunately, my son insists on wearing his NCSU apparel. My husband and I will be the ones in black and gold in a sea of red.
    Rob, great pictures of your family at fan fest.

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