Vegas trip in photos

but there's plenty of smog in the morning

I got five rolls of film from Vegas developed today (a sixth still has a few shots on it). I ain’t too happy with myself. Most of the photos have a weird dirty look to them. And, as is often the case, I realize now I should have taken some other photos, such as examples of the sheer lack of life anywhere in Vegas outside of a casino.

Still, here are a few highlights.

way too early

Gabrielle never really adjusted to the new time zone. On the East Coast she’s up by 7 a.m., which means out in the West she rose at 4 a.m. To give momma and sister more sleep, I spent two mornings down in the lobby with her. Upside – We caught some nice sunrises. Downside – *YAWN*

This photo kinda creeps me out

Guess the horror movie I was thinking of as I shot this. Hint – I wish we had a big wheel handy.

the place was okay

We spent a lot of time at the pool. Some kids left one of the resort’s floats to the side, and I nabbed it. I placed Gabby on it and she took to it like a queen to a throne. She refused to allow us to remove her. Here was her magic carpet ride on water.


Sisters. Does life get any sweeter?


When on the float, Gabby enjoyed having a pool of water in her lap. She would bend down give the water a raspberry, then look up laughing. Repeat. Rinse.

does this thing get HBO?

We made it to the strip two nights. It’s an amazing sight. Every where you look there are lights, people and *sigh* billboards. Even the back of Hummers sported advertisements, such as this flatscreen TV. At least this one was G rated.

I think I need a stronger flash
We only ventured into a handful of casinos. One of the most impressive was the Venetian. Inside the ceilings were sky blue with white fluffy clouds, which appeared to move as you walked along. This photo doesn’t do the interior justice.

can wax give someone wood?

Outside the Venetian was Madame Tussaud’s House of Wax. I can’t say I was impressed. I swear Whoopi has bigger boobs than this. Plus, her hair can’t smell this good.

Madame Tussaud ain't so great

Shocked I was! Can you tell me what’s missing from Jordan’s wax figure, other than Ahmad Rashad’s head up the butt? Hint – it’s blue.

The tears are real

*Sniff* I found this sad sight at a pop culture junk memorabilia store. *sniff* It was going for around $2,000. The wife wouldn’t let me save him. *sniff* *sniff*

My grandma had a dog named Rusty

And even though we were 2,100 miles from the hub of racin’, we saw signs of home. NASCAR is taking over the country, I tell you, and here’s proof. Too bad Vegas isn’t a short track. Thus this is the only thumbs up by No. 2 you’re likely to see from that neck of the red.

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