Vegas days 3 and 4 – blurring together

That place looks coolTomorrow we head home. Plane leaves Vegas around 9ish. We expect to be back in Charlotte by 7ish, in Boone by 10ish, at which time the wife will weepish with joyish. She’s looking forward to a return to routine and her own bed.

We spent our last evening again at the strip. It went okay. I have a pretty ghetto digital camera with me, and snapped a quick photo of Gabby seeming to reach for the Sahara. It’s not that great a shot, but it was cute at the moment. She was actually reaching out from some lights right above us.

Today was, for me, more of a “work” day than “play” day (I’m here for a conference). So the wife had to juggle two girls and exhaustion. Gabrielle has never adjusted to the time zone, and wakes bright and bushy tailed at 4ish local time. The only reward is catching two consecutive West Coast sunrises.

I’ll have details and photos Thursday night.

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