National landmark or Grand Canyon

I am so thereI’m slammed at work today. I’ll also be slammed once I go home. The family and I are heading west tomorrow morning for five days of melting vacation in Las Vegas (extended forecast – near 100 degrees. But it’s a dry heat, so add 20 notches on top of that. Nice).

I’ve never been further west than New Orleans. Three friends who have breathed the Vegas air offered advice. Here’s one happy tale.

Another friend kicking and screaming against his will but it was the cheapest room in town stayed at the – be still my beating heart – Star Trek-themed hotel there. Thumbing through Google I do indeed see that Vegas is home to the – deep breath, deep breathStar Trek Experience.

Forget the hookers and gambling. I’m all about some Romulan Ale. I’ll have to find some time to visit this place (I guess I could ditch the Grand Canyon tour).

As sad as that may sound, another event caught my eye – David Copperfield! This dude has to be, what, 67 years old, yet still not one gray hair. He truly is a man of magic.

I actually saw him perform some 15-20 years ago. His act came to Fayetteville and my mom took the family. We got his autograph afterwards. I proudly displayed it on my bedroom wall for years. So as you can see, there is much lamer fan devotion than following Vulcans.

Vegas does have a bit of everything – Barry Manilow, Carrot Top, Cirque du Soleil, George Wallace, X Girls The Show .. so many show I’d love to catch. I’m gonna have to really run the tables to afford all that.

I’ll share photos next week!

One thought on “National landmark or Grand Canyon

  1. Have a great time! Try to stay cool, and don’t lose too much money. And, most important, if you see Cousin Eddie, ask him where the best buffets are located. 😛

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