Random robservations – LOST, headaches and divorcing ESPN

You know what to do– If you’ve been anywhere near a cable channel recently, you know how to use “HeadOn.” You apply it someone stick a nail in my ear directly to the forehead. This commercial is so annoying, yet so perfect. Slate.com breaks it down.

– My television viewing habits follow one simple rule – if it ain’t on FOX, I ain’t watching (sole exception, these guys). I broke this rule recently when a friend gave me as a present the first season of LOST on DVD (they have a DVDR and record every episode). I was immediately hooked. I watched the entire first season in a week’s time. I begged for the already-aired season two episodes. I got ’em. That took a few days. I was then ready to watch the shows as they aired. Wednesdays at 9 p.m. I was ready. I was then introduced to ABC hell, as the network repeatedly screwed its audience with endless repeats broken occasionally with a few new episodes, then back to repeats.

Well guess what? According to USA Today, season three of LOST begins with six new episodes then … wait for it … a 13 WEEK BREAK! WTF? Geez, someone pass me some HeadOn.

A blogger over at sportsfrog.com files for a divorce from ESPN. He sums up aptly every nuisance the network inflicts upon its viewers, including my biggest gripe:

The continual prostitution of air time.The silver bullet 6 pack of questions. The Budwiser hot seat. The Miller Lite moment of dead air. What next, today’s beaning brought to you by Advil ? Webgems by Spiderman 3 ?

I loved you for a long time. I was devoted and caring. And now even your MLB gametracker is Inside. Well I don’t want to go Inside, frankly it scares me.

At least PTI still rocks.


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