Random robservations – Spider-Man, fans and Agassi

He has Al Gore's teeth

– Raimi reveals the first photo of Venom .. kind of. Link to the wallpaper here. More details from Comic Con here. First impression – love the teeth! Second impression – this is just how it should look.

– It seems like 15 years ago the revisionist money whore marketing genius George Lucas promised an animated AND live-action Star Wars series. Cinematical reports both are on the way. The former is coming 2008, the latter 2010. Expect the special edition of both by 2022.

– Would it kill K-Mart to price its items? I went to buy a fan Saturday. They had a wall full of eight different types. No prices in sight. I am still unsure why I went there (ed. – because there’s only one other place in Boone to buy a fan, and they didn’t have what you wanted.) That’s a winning sales strategy – when Wal-Mart doesn’t have it, we will! (prices not included)

KLo is right. This was a pretty depressing read. I am unsure the meaning of life, but I know it’s more than collecting trinkets and awards.

This is even more depressing – 10 dumb ideas that made someone filthy rich. Who knew letters to Santa could be so lucrative?

– Whenever Sports Illustrated has a really long, in-depth story, I’m tempted to skip it but fight the urge. I’m often glad I did. Last week’s issue included a profile on Andre Agassi. I was struck by how he was able to become as good as he was. Almost from the day he was born his dad forced tennis upon him, going so far as to tie half a ping pong paddle to his infant hand to strike balloons. It’s kind of a sad story really, but it made Agassi a tennis legend and multi-millionaire who bagged both Brooke Shields and Steffi Graf. At what price is a father’s obsession to high? If you can find the issue and you’re a parent, it’s an interesting read.


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