Random robservations

AHHHH! You scared me.My new favorite song – Time 4 Bed. It’s been ruling the airwaves in my head all week. (Favorite lines – “People says its smelly like a fart in a trash can. But I think he smells like a dandelion.”)

– Is it just me, or does Hardees have a policy against employees wearing a clean shirt to work? I can understand some grease stains if you’re behind the grill, but working a register? It kills any desire I have for a biscuit. I really need to stick to the drive thru.

Hot news from ComicCon – Peter Cullen, the man who was Optimus Prime in the cartoon, will be returning for the movie!

– Someone with way too much time and genuis editting skills has reset the character of Darth Vader. Take the first Star Wars. Instead of hearing the classic James Earl Jones lines you expect in the movie, you hear classic James Earl Jones lines from other movies. Sweet .. and very well done.

– One of the highlights of my day is checking the stats for this blog (tells you how sad an average day can be). I seem to be getting a few hits daily off the phrase “rock a bye baby” thanks to this post. I popped into google. Popcorn Dreams comes up on page two. Behold the power of WordPress!

A postscript to that lullaby post – there is one other odd song I find myself singing regularly to Gabrielle. Or at least, the tune of one song. It’s from an old Popeye cartoon. It’s “If I was president,” as sung by Olive Oyl. The ditty has always stuck with me and, without really realizing it, I morphed it into this.

I love Gabrielle.
Yes I love Gabrielle.
She’s real nice … she’s real sweet.
I love her from .. her head to her feat.
Oh yes I love my little Gabrielle.
My Gahhhhhab .. re-El!


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