Still lookin’ good after 15 years

Molly, Molly .. why you bugin?

I see Molly is. As Eric Church asks, How ‘Bout You?

Thanks to all who responded to the query on a 15th reunion for the grand ‘ol Class of 1991 from South View Senior High. (Just ignore Greg’s mixer idea. He knows as much about politics as World Cup).

The home football game idea appears to be a good one. Here’s the 2006 home schedule for the Tigers:

Aug. 18 – Westover
Sep. 1 – Douglas Byrd
Sep. 15 – New Hanover
Sep. 22 – Lumberton
Oct. 6 – Terry Sanford
Oct. 20 – Cape Fear

I’m cool with any date. September 1 is my fave, since I’m planning on being in Raleigh Saturday afternoon for Appalachian’s scheduled victory over NC State (sorry Bob). I’m told that game should kickoff around 6:30ish. So I’m down with a Saturday afternoon at a nice public park. (They do still have some down there, don’t they?)

So please leave a comment and let me know what date works for you. Then we’ll look to put together some type of Saturday event. I like Winnie’s ideas, but I’m not sure if we want to put that much effort in a 15th when most people are instead holding out for the 20th (right Jay and Christie?). But I’m game for anything as long as it’s not too much of a burden on anyone. I’ll do what I can from afar.


3 thoughts on “Still lookin’ good after 15 years

  1. Game and picnic sounds great! We are planning a trip over Labor Day. If the class decides to do this them, we unfortunately will not be able to attend. However, I will still be willing to help out in anyway. I “think” you can reserve shelters at the park. Which park?


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