Random robservations

– I had my first exposure to the famous iTunes store Tuesday. It was disappointing. she's my sunshine ... and she's so fine ...I went looking for a music bed for a project at work. I came across one song with the word “sunshine” in the title. Suddenly I had lyrical flashbacks to that classic (for me) ’80s hit “She’s My Sunshine” by Dino. I hadn’t heard that song in a decade. I became obsessed to hear it. Sadly, iTunes has no Dino. Bastards.

Here’s a report on plans for a Burger King movie. I can imagine the opening scene. It’s early one sunny morning. A tired father rises to prepare for work. He rubs sleep from his eyes as he lumbers to the window. He casually pulls the cord to lift the shades. He’s greeted not by the warm rays of the rising sun but the cold odd smile of a big-headed king standing inches away. The freak just silently smiles before him … with a blood-drenched labrador hanging dead from one hand and two empty buns in the other. Cue violins! It’s grillin’ time! …. I’d go see it.

Today’s evidence that the Internet is just too big. I know somewhere there has to be a similar site dedicated to fan worship surrounding the Rancor keeper’s outfit.

“DC feels very Windows. Marvel feels very Mac.” Agreed. Nice article.

Ooo! Ooo! I got one. “This is a book about the most admirable of human virtues.” (The only book I’ve ever detested. Visions of ninth-grade English drip in my head.)


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