Random reads I love

Swinging to 70s porn music– I love 70s Spider-Man. While the storylines were pretty sad, the soundtrack rocked.

– I love the Japanese. Only they could improve on Spider-Man by adding Voltron as his sidekick.

– I love Ultimate Avengers. I’ve never read the actual comics, but enjoyed the first movie. Now online is the trailer for the next one. Sadly, it features Black Panther. Booorrrring.

– I love Marvel movies. Well, most of them anyway. (Punisher stunk). The Motely Fool warns that the stakes have now changed for the future of its movies. The trend begins May 2008 when Iron Man is released.

– I love Aliens versus Predator. Actually, I really liked the books. They were well thought out. The movie, on the other hand, was pretty awful. Nonetheless, Part II is coming to a screen near you.

– I love lightning. We’ve had some cool storms here recently. They remind me of my childhood when I’d sit and stare out my window mesmorized by the forked flashes. Here is a collection of lightning photos I occasionally steal for wallpaper.


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