Random reads

One of these three do not belong

Here’s a purported review of the upcoming Wolverine movie, starring Hugh Jackman. Sabertooth and Blob figure into it, as well as the Stryker character from X2. It sounds pretty well thought out:

The whole Weapon X experiment has a much larger role in this script and in Stryker’s overall plan, we get to see Logan in berserker mode, the origin of his name, the eventual rematch with Creed, and of course his eventual memory loss, which is handled here and quite nicely I might add.

RIP Moose the Dog. I never watched Frazier, but I enjoyed “My Dog Skip.” Interesting note at his IMDB page – “Received more fan mail than any of the other ‘Frasier’ cast members.”

– Something for the wresting fans – if only we could actually see this on an upcoming Smackdown.

– You know … there are some aspects of NASCAR best left unseen. Leave it to Deadspin to offer some examples.

– A trailer is now out for the Michael Bay Transformers movie. It’s pretty weak. Granted, the movie is not due for another year, but still. Some crumbs would be nice.

– I generally hate spoilers, but here are some possible-spoiler thoughts on the Spidey 3 trailer. Here are a couple tidbits that aren’t really spoiling much if you’ve kept up with casting:

The final fight, the four-way rumble with Spidey, The Sandman, Venom and Harry as the Green Goblin, takes place in a construction site.

The extra villain that everybody has been speculating about makes only a fleeting appearance, and then only in a very off-hand but amusing way. Bruce Campbell’s character this time around is Quentin Beck – known to fans of the comic as Mysterio.


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