Summer 2007 can’t get here fast enough


Finally – The Spidey 3 trailer is online. It’s every bit as sweet as I’d hoped. Sandman. Venom. Hobgoblin(?) Gwen Stacey. A goth Parker. Gollum’s personality redux. It’s gonna be a loooonnnng wait ’til next summer.

Here’s another reason time will melt slower than snails. My money is on Snape and Ron. Or maybe Malfoy. But it couldn’t be Harry. Could it?

– Ever wonder what would happen if the Enterprise D took on the Empire? Me neither, but these guys did. It’s understandably choppy but done with love.

This may just be one of the greatest commercials ever made.

– On the other hand, this one is just … weird. And yes, Joe Lieberman did approve that message.

*SIGH* I miss you too, Berke.

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